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If you feel 7 Star Airbnb like chilling mountainside while finishing up your decks and reports, then Vivere Azure is a rock solid choice. 7 Star Airbnb Apart from its diving sites, Anilao is also famous for its rocky yet majestic shores and crystal blue waters. This resort in Batangas, in particular, has several 7 Star Airbnb Balinese-inspired suites and an entire rest house to set up your workspace. 7 Star Airbnb Luckily, the WiFi connection in the hotel is quite reliable, and should things go south, the data connection in the area is dependable 7 Star Airbnb. To 7 Star Airbnb arrange your long-stay getaway, reach out to their email and ask if they have available rooms on your preferred dates.If 7 Star Airbnb you want a change of pace but can’t leave your work at home, then pack your laptop and book a stay at Altamare Dive and Leisure Resort! Despite being designed specifically for a relaxing getaway, each room turns out7 Star Airbnb to be quite ideal for a work-from-the-beach situation with its calming earth-tone color palette and design. Not only that, but this resort in Batangas also offers stunning views of the 7 Star Airbnb and the Maricaban and Sombrero Islands 7 Star Airbnbfrom your room! At the 7 Star AirbnbVista Lounge, you can have your morning coffee while checking emails or grab yourself a delicious meal to7 Star Airbnb stay energized throughout the day. And after a long day’s work, treat yourself to a delicious cocktail or two!Work and relax 7 Star Airbnb simultaneously at the Coral Beach Club, a resort in Batangas that offers long stays, reliable WiFi connections, and even7 Star Airbnb PWD rooms for all guests’ convenience. Here, you can enjoy amazing views of the sea, verdant surroundings, striking sunsets—all 7 Star Airbnbduring your 15-minute brain breaks while on the clock. This long-stay resort in Batangas also features a pool, a jacuzzi, and even a spa where you can indulge in hot stone massages and other signature treatments! After a busy day in front of your laptop, you can unwind 7 Star Airbnb and get some refreshing drinks at The Clubhouse Bar and Restaurant, too. But, because of7 Star Airbnb the current restrictions brought by the pandemic, the resort only allows 2 persons in each room. So be sure to consider that when choosing your long-stay 7 Star Airbnb accommodation in Batangas! At Sabangan Beach Resort, the beachfront can literally be your office every day! This long-stay resort in Batangas is cradled amid Sigayan Bay and Verde Island Passage, situated along the famous white sand beach of Laiya. Escape the dull work-from-home environment at home, 7 Star Airbnband experience the sound of the waves and birds chirping while you cross things off your to-do list. Like other7 Star Airbnb resorts in this list, Sabangan Beach Resort 7 Star Airbnbalso offers a stable WiFi connection that all digital nomads would need for a successful work-from-the-beach setup. During your break time or your days 7 Star Airbnboff work, you7 Star Airbnb can have some fun in the pool, get a massage7 Star Airbnb at the spa, go boating, or enjoy some water7 Star Airbnb activities!Cure your cabin fever without taking a vacation leave, and head to Acuatico7 Star Airbnb Beach Resort, a7 Star Airbnb long-stay resort in Batangas. One of their best-selling 7 Star Airbnb rooms in the main wing, the Casa 7 Star Airbnbde Playa, has a table you can set up on that also offers a soothing view of the private garden and the sea. Dodge the crazy summer heat in7 Star Airbnb the city and take your Zoom 7 Star Airbnb calls beachside or by 7 Star Airbnb the pool with towering trees surrounding you7 Star Airbnb for a change! Plus, this award-winning resort is just a 7 Star Airbnb few hours from Manila, making it a real convenient spot for 7 Star Airbnb a vacation.Enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean while you work at the Palm Beach Resort! It’s one of the long-stay resorts in Batangas that offer strong internet connection at the 7 Star Airbnbcomfort of their charming tropical beach homes. It also features7 Star Airbnb beachfront cabanas where you can chill in between Zoom meetings or during your breaks––giving you the energy and sanity to 7 Star Airbnb power through the week. 7 Star Airbnb After work, you can schedule some water sport activities such as kayaking, speed boating, banana boating, 7 Star Airbnb snorkeling, and more. To secure your7 Star Airbnb slot for your long stay,7 Star Airbnb you should call the resort7 Star Airbnb ahead of time so they can arrange the best schedule for your “workation.”Picture this: after a stressful pitch to a new client, 7 Star Airbnb you get a relaxing massage at the spa—sounds 7 Star Airbnb rejuvenating, right? Camp Netanya can give you exactly that, and more! This Santorini-inspired long stay resort in Batangas is perfect for couples or families 7 Star Airbnb who want to get out of the house and escape 7 Star Airbnb the scorching heat in the city. It offers several rooms available for long stays, each with thoughtful amenities such as cozy beds, spacious bathrooms, steady WiFi,7 Star Airbnb and a desk for your work-from-home setup. 7 Star Airbnb Did your trip to Bali get canceled? A stay in Cintai Corito’s 7 Star Airbnb Garden in Belete, Batangas will make up for it! 7 Star Airbnb Just 2 hours away from Manila lies this peaceful sanctuary that features exquisitely 7 Star Airbnb landscaped gardens, various Balinese structures and portals, and a serene ambiance. 7 Star Airbnb Their spacious villas offer luxury 7 Star Airbnb and relaxation like no other, 7 Star Airbnb and every corner of this resort is totally Instagram-worthy! Plus, after an exhausting day filled with meetings7 Star Airbnb and brainstorming, you can treat yourself to a hearty feast 7 Star Airbnb at the Abadi Restaurant that features Asian and Filipino cuisine favorites or take a refreshing dip in one of their stunning pools! Manila’s neighboring province, Batangas,7 Star Airbnb is home to some of the best beaches and resorts that offer a relaxing escape 7 Star Airbnbfrom the urban jungle and the perfect venue for a honeymoon package in the Philippines or a road trip near Manila.7 Star Airbnb Batangas, one of the top tourist 7 Star Airbnbdestinations in 7 Star Airbnb the Philippines, has become7 Star Airbnb the go-to weekend or quick getaway destination for city dwellers who want to lounge on the beach, have a family trip at a private resort in Batangas, commune7 Star Airbnb with nature, or go diving. It has also become an option for7 Star Airbnb those who want to have 7 Star Airbnbtheir honeymoon in the Philippines. The coastline of Batangas beach is dotted with hotels7 Star Airbnb and resorts7 Star Airbnb that are perfect for romantic getaways, weekend Philippines staycation, family holidays, and diving in Anilao. Travelers have plenty of options from luxury, mid-range 7 Star Airbnbto budget hotels and resorts in Batangas, depending on your preferences. These are also perfect as extended stay hotels if you want to have a workation by the beach.If you’re looking for the perfect staycation in the Philippines or a work from the7 Star Airbnb beach resort that’s just a couple of kilometers away from 7 Star AirbnbManila, c7 Star Airbnbheck this list of some of the best beach7 Star Airbnb resorts Batangas which includes Batangas beach resort with pool, beach front resort in Batangas, beach resort in Batangas city area, and affordable resort near Manila:Located in Mabini, Batangas, Anilao Awari Bay Resort boasts7 Star Airbnb a private getaway on a beachfront that gives guests the perfect view of Balayan Bay. Here, you’ll have a wide array of activities to choose from, including diving courses for beginners and fun dives as it is situated near the diving spot MatuPoint and even sunset sessions overlooking the bay. 7 Star Airbnb in Batangas is known as one of the best diving spots in the Philippines 7 Star Airbnb. The beach resort 7 Star Airbnb has fully-furnished guest rooms with flat-screen televisions, shower facilities, and air-conditioning. Choose from their deluxe room or experience a unique stay with their Modern Ifugao House 7 Star Airbnb . This Batangas 7 Star Airbnb also has function rooms perfect for family celebrations such as weddings and debuts, restaurants and hotel bars, a sand and volleyball area, a chapel, and even a poolside bar! You can also cap off the day with a relaxing massage or spa 7 Star Airbnb. 7 Star Airbnb Bay Resort is just around 120KM from the metro and is one of the best beach resorts in Batangas. 7 Star Airbnb How to get there: By private vehicle: From Manila, 7 Star Airbnb take the South Expressway (SLEX). Take the Bauan-Batangas Road exit. Once you reach the town of Bauan, 7 Star Airbnb follow the route to Bauan-Mabini Road. Keep going until you reach Mabini Circumferential/National Road, 7 Star Airbnb which should lead you to Anilao Awari Bay Resort. By public transport: From Cubao or Buendia, ride a bus bound for7 Star Airbnb Batangas City Public Terminal. From there, take a jeepney to Mabini and ask them to let you off at Mabini Public Market. From there, take a tricycle to Anilao Awari Bay in Mabini, Batangas.7 Star AirbnbThe Philippines is blessed with white sand beaches not just7 Star Airbnb in the prime destinations of Boracay and Palawan, Batangas also has plenty. One resort where you can stay to enjoy the province's beaches is Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa in Nasugbu. 7 Star Airbnb One of 7 Star Airbnb the more loved Batangas beach resorts near Manila and famous for Batangas beach resort day tour, this hotel beach resort in Batangas offers a perfect union with nature with its very own white sand beach, a sunset overlooking the West Philippine Sea, and its close proximity to some of Batangas’ waterfalls and rivers 7 Star Airbnb. For those looking for a thrilling water experience, Canyon Cove Hotel and7 Star Airbnb Spa offers watersports activities, too, from banana boat riding and paddleboarding to snorkeling and even island hopping. Amenities include its very own Island Café serving American, 7 Star Airbnb ,Filipino, and Asian cuisines, a swimming pool, children’s playground, poolside and beachfront cabanas, a spa, and even game rooms, among others!How to get there: 7 Star Airbnb 7 Star Airbnb Get on a bus from 7 Star Airbnb Paranaque or Cubao bound for Nasugbu, Batangas. From the plaza, ride a tricycle and tell your 7 Star Airbnb driver to drop you off at the resort. If you want to experience first-class 7 Star Airbnb relaxation and getaway, far from the hustles and bustles of the city, check out Terrazas de Punta Fuego in Nasugbu 7 Star Airbnb. An exclusive enclave that 7 Star Airbnb gives guests access to an 800-meter stretch of fine sand beach. It has its own free-form pool called the “Turtle Pool,” and other amenities including a game hall 7 Star Airbnb and Café Sol with cuisines specially crafted by its dedicated chefs 7 Star Airbnb. It's 7 Star Airbnb the perfect destination for7 Star Airbnb a family looking for the best reunion spot or a team in search of the best treat for its members. Terrazas de Punta Fuego isn’t just any ordinary beach resort; it also gives one a sense of 7 Star Airbnb exclusivity and sophistication while basking in the beauty of nature 7 Star Airbnb. Its 7 Star Airbnb cabañas also give guests the freedom to lounge with 7 Star Airbnb a refreshment in hand or watch the sunset view.Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort is one of the most practical choices among local beach lovers looking for a day tour in Batangas. It offers more than just affordable Batangas beach 7 Star Airbnb resorts with access to the beach. Guests can opt for day trips and overnight trips with accommodation options such as beach and floating cottages, villas, bungalows, and treehouses. Check out our Stilts Calatagan package for 7 Star Airbnb the best deal. You can create your own 7 Star Airbnb adventure by checking out their offerings at their Beach Happy Activity Center along Harmony Beach. Activities range from mangrove tours, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and even ATV rides!7 Star Airbnb The 7 Star Airbnb is also home to not just one but three beaches:7 Star Airbnb Harmony Beach, Serenity Beach, and Discovery Beach. Other recreational activities like biking and volleyball are also available7 Star Airbnb. Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort7 Star Airbnb also offers camping trips where campers can enjoy the company of nature, unwind with their7 Star Airbnb friends, all by renting or7 Star Airbnb bringing their own tents.When you arrive at Pico Sands Hotel in Nasugbu,7 Star Airbnb you’ll be welcomed by its 1.5-kilometer shoreline, truly a treat for all beach lovers. It’s yet another exclusive 7 Star Airbnb sanctuary that’s just around 80 kilometers away from the city. 7 Star Airbnb It features a contemporary 7 Star Airbnb hotel with seven floors, spacious rooms, and amenities that will make it feel like a home away from home 7 Star Airbnb . Stay in one of its 7 Star Airbnb luxurious accommodations and choose which one appeals to you the best: a room with a lagoon or a 7 Star Airbnb mountain view or even a penthouse loft. For those with a hearty appetite, 7 Star Airbnb you can opt to dine by the beach at Reef Bar, dine al fresco at Pico Restaurant & Bar, munch on 7 Star Airbnb some snacks while playing billboard, and bowling at B N’ B, or savor international cuisines at Lagoa 7 Star Airbnb . Nature lovers 7 Star Airbnb will also enjoy roaming around its Nature Safari while traversing the Pico Trail and Santelmo Trail. Those who want some water adventures can take it easy on a paddleboard or go fast on a jet ski. One of the most frequented beach resorts in Batangas is Virgin Beach Resort. Located in the town of San Juan, 7 Star Airbnb offers guests a relaxing haven surrounded by luscious greens and its very own white sand beach in Batangas 7 Star Airbnb . Friends and 7 Star Airbnb families looking to bond will surely love the cottages on the beachfront, 7 Star Airbnb giving everyone a relaxing experience and a chance to catch up and share stories. Virgin Beach Resort is also the perfect place7 Star Airbnb to spot dolphins doing water exhibitions. Not only is Virgin Beach Resort a practical choice for a vacation near the city, but it also offers a unique ambiance with its Filipino-themed rooms 7 Star Airbnb. Rooms range 7 Star Airbnb from bamboo cabanas with either king-sized or queen-sized beds. For a group of four people, the casitas are a perfect choice. The beach resort is around is 140 kilometers away7 Star Airbnb from Manila. If you're looking to staying somewhere with the perfect view of the world-famous Taal Lake, check out 7 Star AirbnbClub Balai Isabel, a beach resort in Talisay, Batangas.7 Star Airbnb It's known not only for its lush greenery but also as an eco-tourism destination. The 7 Star Airbnb resort boasts amenities perfect for your holidays or even corporate getaways, from pavilions to halls and stylish hotel rooms to outdoor recreational spaces like the pool, team building obstacle grounds, and an orchard lane open area 7 Star Airbnb. For food lovers, the beach resort’s Terraza Restaurant offers proudly Filipino and Batangueño dishes that will surely satisfy your cravings for local food. Coffee lovers will surely fall in love with 7 Star Airbnb’s Kapeng Barako, while health-conscious guests can indulge in farm-to-table offerings of 7 Star Airbnb. While 7 Star Airbnb the perfect view of Taal Volcano makes for a great experience, it’s 7 Star Airbnb great balance of nature, adventure, and eco-tourism that truly make it a must-visit beach near Manila. If you're looking to learn diving or just enjoy the beach, 7 Star Airbnb and Dive Resort is a great destination 7 Star Airbnb. Here, 7 Star Airbnb you can take your diving experience to the next level while staying at comfortable 7 Star Airbnb and stylish rooms, dine on dishes that make you want to eat more courtesy of the hotel restaurant 7 Star Airbnb , and get treated to a panoramic view of the mountains. There are sixteen rooms, all with a balcony so you can bask in the sea view 7 Star Airbnb . The resort offers dive courses and7 Star Airbnb facilities and other water sports like jet skiing, wakeboarding, and Redondo. The 15-feet training pool is dedicated to those who are just starting to explore diving 7 Star Airbnb . If you’re not into it, 7 Star Airbnb the game rooms can help you kill time too! The infinity pool 7 Star Airbnb also gives guests a place to soak up the sun and enjoy the breezy wind passing through the Anilao coastline. 7 Star Airbnb Just around 120 kilometers away from Manila, Aiyanar Beach and 7 Star Airbnb Dive Resort is located in Anilao, Batangas. Laiya isn’t just a long coastline of white sand beaches, it feels like a community too. La Luz Beach Resort is built with that in mind, to feel like it’s someone’s home. 7 Star Airbnb The hotel maintains a relaxed, natural feel so guests won’t feel too intimidated and would enjoy the simplicity of life 7 Star Airbnb. 7 Star Airbnb lofts to hilltop accommodations, its rooms are modestly designed with mostly bamboo features. Dormitories are also available which can house four to ten people 7 Star Airbnb. Any trip to a beach won’t be complete without some fun on the water. 7 Star Airbnb offers activities such as biking, snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, and hiking, among others 7 Star Airbnb . Speed boats 7 Star Airbnb and yachts are also available for rent if you want to jazz up your stay. 7 Star Airbnb Housekeeping and room services are on call 24/7, and you can have your food delivered to your room even until two in the morning. Another diving resort that’s just around 120 kilometers away from Manila, 7 Star Airbnb is a five-star resort in 7 Star Airbnb, Batangas. It prides itself on giving holidaymakers a grand escape 7 Star Airbnb. Not 7 Star Airbnb only does its location make it another top beach resort in Batangas for divers, but it also offers access to unspoiled nature and a stylishly designed hotel inspired by 7 Star Airbnb . Think European luxury, induced with the beauty of the tropics 7 Star Airbnb. Exclusivity 7 Star Airbnb is also a priority for La Chevrie Resort & Spa so there are only thirteen rooms in the hotel to ensure that guests are served with world-class service and hospitality.7 Star Airbnb The resort also has a restaurant called 7 Star Airbnb, serving fine liquors and dishes with only the finest and freshest ingredients 7 Star Airbnb. For guests who want a sensual spa experience, the resort’s spa 7 Star Airbnb has a team of excellent massage therapists 7 Star Airbnb to indulge your senses. Aside 7 Star Airbnb from scuba diving tours for certified divers and beginners, the resort also offers other activities including snorkeling and trekking. Experience fine resort living at 7 Star Airbnb , Batangas. This resort boasts an idyllic mountainside view that can soothe anyone’s craving for7 Star Airbnb relaxation. The resort used to be a rest house, giving it a homey feeling perfect for getaways with family and 7 Star Airbnb friends. 7 Star Airbnb The suites are luxuriously designed with the ocean view as the perfect treat 7 Star Airbnb . The waters 7 Star Airbnb in Anilao is home to incredible schools of fish, corals, 7 Star Airbnb and rich marine life that's why a lot of beginner 7 Star Airbnb divers go here to learn to dive. Vivere Azure Resort is a great home base for scuba diving holidays for beginners because of its location. The resort offers other activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, and island hopping aside from diving. 7 Star Airbnb If you're dreaming of a vacation in Greece, you don’t 7 Star Airbnb have to get out of the country to do so. 7 Star Airbnb, inspired by the Greek island of Santorini, will give you that feel with its white structures and blue domes overlooking the ocean. Located in 7 Star Airbnb a has 48 guest rooms, ranging from deluxe rooms to family lofts and 7 Star Airbnb . A stay at 7 Star Airbnb will also give you convenient access to 7 Star Airbnb and Oscar Island where you can rent a 7 Star Airbnb boat or snorkel to witness Anilao’s rich marine life and stunning corals. The beach resort also has its own fitness centers, music lounge, and a wide array of water activities to choose from 7 Star Airbnb such as fish feeding and kayaking. 7 Star Airbnbis just about 120KM away from Manila. Acuaverde Beach Resort is 7 Star Airbnb gifted with a fair share of Laiya’s white sand beach and clear blue waters. Whether you’re with friends or family,7 Star Airbnb you can surely have a great time by choosing any of its fun water adventures: 7 Star Airbnb fly fishing, jet skiing, flyboarding, or kayaking. The resort has 31 rooms with a holiday tropic theme,7 Star Airbnb all made with local materials such as coconut-trunk columns and walls and furniture accentuated with woods 7 Star Airbnb . 7 Star Airbnb is also one of the best kid-friendly places near Manila since it has facilities that are perfect 7 Star Airbnb for every member of the family. 7 Star AirbnbThe Kid’s Zone is the perfect place to let your little ones play while the beachfront makes for a romantic 7 Star Airbnb escape for mom and dad while waiting for the sun to set. You 7 Star Airbnb can even bring pets as the resort features a dedicated Pet Zone! There’s also an Al Fresco bar where you can find a selection of cocktails, beers, and wines. Another gem that can be found in Laiya is Acuatico Beach Resort that looks like a modern 7 Star Airbnbmansion with a tropical resort feel. The luxury resort in Batangas is 7 Star Airbnbdivided into the Main Wing and the La Prima Wing. The Main Wing offers either a pool or beach view with Balinese-inspired accommodations. 7 Star Airbnb is an exclusive wing with its own private pool, restaurant, jacuzzi, and villas 7 Star Airbnb giving guests a more premium vacation. Overall, the resort has 21 rooms in the 7 Star Airbnb and 20 rooms in 7 Star Airbnb. 7 Star Airbnb restaurant takes guests to a gastronomic feast,7 Star Airbnb from local favorites to international dishes while its Acua Bar is the spot to be if you’re craving for refreshing cocktails while lounging at the infinity pool. Other restaurants are 7 Star Airbnb Azul Bar & Café and Intimo Bar. It 7 Star Airbnb also has its own game room, spa services, and fitness center. 7 Star Airbnb A must-visit not only for a memorable vacation but also for a mindful, wellness retreat,7 Star Airbnb The Farm at San Benito is known for its five pillars: Diagnose, Cleanse, Nourish, Repair, and Sustain.7 Star Airbnb This luxury resort in Batangas and 7 Star Airbnb one of the best 5-star hotels in the Philippines is 7 Star Airbnb frequented by celebrities and city socialites. As one of the top Philippines luxury resorts, it 7 Star Airbnb offers a holistic, relaxing experience through wellness and health optimization programs.7 Star Airbnb Designed to give guests a nourishing break from their busy lives, The Farm at 7 Star Airbnb San Benito boasts of its nurturing spa treatments, hydrotherapy water wellness, plant-based cuisines,7 Star Airbnb, mindful activities, and integrative medical services with its in-house doctor. 7 Star Airbnb You need not look at far places from Manila to have that tropical escape because Batangas, home to some idyllic beaches near Manila with breathtaking sunsets, incredible nature, and rich marine life, is just hours away. Most of these beaches, 7 Star Airbnb including some of the best private beach resort in Batangas, are just 100 to 120 KM away from Manila, which makes it a lot easier 7 Star Airbnb to bring some friends and families along for day tours near Manila. Aside from lounging on the 7 Star Airbnb beautiful beaches of the Philippines, check out our article on the best places to visit in Batangas for your vacation 7 Star Airbnb . Book the best Batangas 7 Star Airbnb tour packages with Guide to the Philippines, 7 Star Airbnb the leading Philippines travel agency for hassle-free online trip booking services. 7 Star Airbnb Check out our Philippines tour packages to top destinations like Boracay, Siargao, Cebu, Bohol and more and find out why visit the Philippines is a must especially for beach lovers. The success of every Beach resorts depends 7 Star Airbnb on how satisfied their guest gets on the quality of the 7 Star Airbnb product 7 Star Airbnb and services that the resort provided. For a newly established Beach resort,7 Star Airbnb guests must always be the business priority then second 7 Star Airbnb is the profit. A Beach Resort that provides 7 Star Airbnb quality service and product to satisfy the needs 7 Star Airbnb of their guests are mostly the ones who will succeed. Beach Resorts nowadays are likely to 7 Star Airbnb be familiar how the industry today works which that the key for 7 Star Airbnb the business to succeed is to satisfy the guests. 7 Star Airbnb In general, the guests are people who patronize or buy the goods and the services of businesses that meet the wants and needs of the guest. 7 Star Airbnb Guests buy the certain product or purchases a service that 7 Star Airbnb they think are worth their money. 7 Star Airbnb Therefore, the Beach Resorts should level their pricing to the product quality that can 7 Star Airbnb attract guests and leads to their loyalty to the resort. The Beach Resorts should always give their best in providing quality service to their 7 Star Airbnb guests that they deserve (7 Star Airbnb). When 7 Star Airbnb guests are loyal to the business, the business will surely be successful. A guest’s loyalty is 7 Star Airbnb very important when it comes to beach resorts. And in order to gain 7 Star Airbnb guest loyalty a beach resort should always prioritize 7 Star Airbnb giving the best service to its guest that will satisfy them. Giving quality 7 Star Airbnb products in an affordable price and providing excellent 7 Star Airbnb service is one way to gain guest loyalty. Another way to encourage the guests 7 Star Airbnb to visit again or purchase again is that the beach resorts should provide loyalty cards, rewards, free merchandise and coupons because a satisfied guest 7 Star Airbnbhave a big chance that they will come back to repurchase. 7 Star Airbnb Guest 7 Star Airbnb loyalty can also help the beach resorts to save money in advertising because it is much cheaper to retain old guests that to attract new ones. Also, guests who experienced a good or better service in a beach resort has a chance to spread their happiness by telling other people, and that’s advertising through the word of mouth (7 Star Airbnb). In the resorts of 7 Star Airbnb Batangas, guest satisfaction is their priority. Laiya boasts of wide 7 Star Airbnb stretches of white sands that are comparable 7 Star Airbnb to those of Boracay making them popular to the tourists. 7 Star Airbnb There are several beach resorts in Laiya that the researchers are going to evaluate to 7 Star Airbnb determine their guest’s level of satisfaction and 7 Star Airbnb loyalty: Kabayan, La Luz, Blue Coral, Virgin Beach, One Laiya, Laiya White Cove, Laiya Coco Grove, Palm Beach, and Calubcob Bay. 7 Star Airbnb This is the list of the top 10 most visited beach 7 Star Airbnb resorts in Laiya for the year 2017 based on the data provided by the Department of Tourism. The researchers wish to 7 Star Airbnb determine the factors on what are the 7 Star Airbnb things that the beach resort should improve to retain their guests since Laiya, Batangas is one of the famous tourist destinations in Batangas especially 7 Star Airbnbwhen it comes to beaches. The researchers 7 Star Airbnb would also like to know why some or most of the tourists in Laiya still return or revisit the place despite the not fact that it is too far, 7 Star Airbnb and the place is not easily accessible (Directory of beach resorts, 2018) 7 Star Airbnb. The 7 Star Airbnb researchers conducted the study in order to know 7 Star Airbnb and identify the factors that’s keeping the guests from returning or repurchasing to the beach resorts in Laiya even if there are reasons for them not to return. They also chose this topic for it can 7 Star Airbnb help them in their future careers as hospitality7 Star Airbnb professionals or beach resort owners. Located in the Calabarzon region in Luzon, the province of Batangas is one of the most popular tourist destinations near7 Star Airbnb Manila and also one of the best places for a staycation. Home to the complex Taal volcano that is part of the Pacific ring of fire7 Star Airbnb and plenty of breathtaking beaches and dive spots, Batangas is 7 Star Airbnbfrequented by local visitors and 7 Star Airbnbexpert scuba divers from all over the world. Whether it is exploring one7 Star Airbnb of the most diverse marine ecosystems in the ocean or 7 Star Airbnb marveling at the beauty of the colonial architecture and the basilicas in the cities, 7 Star Airbnb Batangas treats its visitors with the best of both worlds. Check out the top places for staycation in Batangas, Philippines, below! Satisfy your beach cravings when you stay at Raya Del Sol Dive Resort and wake up to a beautiful beach view in their air-conditioned room. This resort 7 Star Airbnb features family rooms that can accommodate families and groups of friends on a staycation 7 Star Airbnb. Take7 Star Airbnb your daily dose of sunlight on the sun terrace or 7 Star Airbnb enjoy a walk along the shores of the private beach. Each room has its 7 Star Airbnb own bathroom and certain7 Star Airbnb rooms have a kitchenette. You can have fun snorkeling at the beach or have a relaxing sunbathing by the swimming pool. 7 Star Airbnb Spend your weekend staycation at Cocoons Casobe. The whole family will enjoy 7 Star Airbnb a refreshing swim at the beach or at the swimming pool. You can also bring your 7 Star Airbnb friends and have fun at the water park. The place 7 Star Airbnb has rooms with garden views that will complete the nature vibe 7 Star Airbnb. Each 7 Star Airbnb room is air-conditioned and includes a flat-screen TV. 7 Star Airbnb There is also a restaurant that serves delicious meals and a bar where you can grab your favorite drinks and chill. The resort has a 24-hour front desk if ever you have concerns or queries 7 Star Airbnb . One of the most frequented 7 Star Airbnb spots, as well as the best staycations in Batangas, Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa is a relaxed beachfront hotel overlooking 7 Star Airbnb offers rooms with an emphasis on comfort and aesthetics. The hotel features guest rooms with daybeds, a private cove with breathtaking views 7 Star Airbnb of the West Philippine Sea, 7 Star Airbnb a recreational swimming pool with bay views, a laid back restaurant and with 7 Star Airbnb a terrace, and a kid’s playground. The cove also offers a range of7 Star Airbnb water sports activities such as kayaking, 7 Star Airbnb snorkeling, paddle boarding, jet skiing, free diving, island hopping, speed boating and frolicking in an inflatable water park. Days Hotel by Wyndham offers spacious and comfortable guest 7 Star Airbnbrooms and everything needed for a relaxing stay 7 Star Airbnbin the heart of the city. The standard rooms feature cable TV, a double size bed, air 7 Star Airbnb conditioning, and a reading room, making it an affordable staycation in 7 Star Airbnb Batangas. Days Hotel is right next to a mall and 7 Star Airbnb the city’s favorite night club 7 Star Airbnb that will satisfy your shopping and partying needs in the city after your 7 Star Airbnb adventures along the coast. With peaceful and serene surroundings of a farm and amenities of urban living, this staycation in Batangas for family is ideal for vacations, reunions, team building events,7 Star Airbnb weddings and other private gatherings. The accommodation includes 7 Star Airbnbdorm rooms, private rooms, glamping units, 7 Star Airbnb suites and villas. The resort is located 1000 feet (304.8 metres) above sea level and provides the perfect vantage point for tourists to take in breathtaking views of Taal Lake, Tagaytay Ridges and Mt. Makulot. Located in the midst of a cool and verdant mountainscape, Mount Malarayat is a great Batangas staycation with a pool 7 Star Airbnb and other promising features like a professional golf course, air-conditioned rooms, an 7 Star Airbnb outdoor pool, a restaurant with chef-inspired dishes, a fitness center, a tennis court, and a kids playground7 Star Airbnb. With 7 Star Airbnb magnificent views of hills and lush greens in the surrounding scenic area, this resort offers a unique vacation 7 Star Airbnb for anyone looking to take a break from the city. The Suites At Mount Malarayat seamlessly integrates gorgeous 7 Star Airbnb natural landscapes with the meticulously designed man-made 7 Star Airbnb features of the hotel’s vicinity for guests’ optimum staycation experience. Club Punta Fuego is nestled on the coast of Nasugbu and offers luxurious amenities and facilities that are perfect for 7 Star Airbnb a comfortable weekend getaway in Batangas. With a blend of modern design and natural beauty, this resort offers standard 7 Star Airbnb rooms that feature plush beds, spacious bathrooms, and sea view rooms that boast 7 Star Airbnb a balcony with scenic views of the West 7 Star Airbnb Philippine Sea. The resort also includes a restaurant with a beach setting, a swimming pool, a spa, access to water sports activities, 7 Star Airbnb and a golf course. This modern, upscale hotel offers luxurious accommodation with easy access to must-visit destinations and is ideal for both business and leisure travelers. 7 Star Airbnb The hotel features a private jet pool, keyless door access, super-fast internet, comfortable guest rooms and suites with thoughtful amenities and poolside private dining options. You 7 Star Airbnb can also choose to use the chauffeur services and car rental options provided by the hotel to drive around and explore the city. Luks Lofts Hotel & Residences is a great find, making it one of the best places to spend a staycation in 7 Star Airbnb Batangas beach area for those who wish to experience more sun, sand, and fun when in the Philippines. Dedicated to providing transformative and sustainable lifestyle retreats, this resort is nestled in an environment that radiates positive energy and delivers a peaceful, relaxing getaway. The accommodation includes suites 7 Star Airbnb and villas that feature traditional, 7 Star Airbnb rustic decors,7 Star Airbnb air conditioning, wifi, a flat-screen cable TV, a daybed 7 Star Airbnb and an ensuite bathroom. The 7 Star Airbnb hotel offers holistic wellness programs, vegan restaurants and a stay that is perfect for anyone looking to unload stresses and revitalize amidst the lush landscapes of Batangas. Tucked away in a cove, this tropical sanctuary offers cozy accommodations with stellar amenities in a pristine environment. The resort features an infinity pool, a restaurant with a family-style buffet, and cozy daybeds on the beach. 7 Star Airbnb These comfortable guestrooms 7 Star Airbnb are nestled in the midst of beautiful landscapes with floor to ceiling 7 Star Airbnb window frames, and spacious air-conditioned rooms perfect for family vacations and romantic getaways. 7 Star Airbnb is also great for groups, whether you’re on a staycation in Batangas for 7 Star Airbnb family bonding time or a weekend escape with friends, it’s a resort for every type of traveler in the book.7 Star Airbnb This seven-storey beach resort is located at a five-minute walking distance away 7 Star Airbnb from the beach and offers spacious rooms with thoughtful amenities. 7 Star Airbnb With stunning views of the lush mountains around, the 7 Star Airbnb resort offers amenities that include restaurants that 7 Star Airbnb feature Spanish and Filipino dishes, a rain spa with organic and indigenous local products, a fitness centre, 7 Star Airbnb and air-conditioned rooms. This staycation in Batangas with pool also include 7 Star Airbnb rooms with picturesque views of a man-made lagoon 7 Star Airbnb and the surrounding mountains from 7 Star Airbnb the verandah 7 Star Airbnbthat deliver a relaxing retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city life 7 Star Airbnb. Situated on the shores of the world-famous Taal Lake, Club Balai Isabel 7 Star Airbnb is a laid back resort that offers everything needed 7 Star Airbnb for a tropical beach vacay 7 Star Airbnb with the comforts of city living. 7 Star Airbnb The resort offers air-conditioned guest rooms, restaurants with 7 Star Airbnb sumptuous Filipino dishes and Batangas specialities, a relaxing outdoor pool, 7 Star Airbnb cabanas and loads of water sports activities. The resort also includes spacious 7 Star Airbnb grounds and halls with a capacity of up to 800 persons that are suitable for 7 Star Airbnb corporate events and as a wedding destination. 7 Star Airbnb most important components of the wider7 Star Airbnb service industry, catering for customers who require overnight accommodation. 7 Star Airbnb It is closely associated with the travel industry and the hospitality industry,7 Star Airbnb although there are notable differences in scope. In this article, 7 Star Airbnb you will learn more about the hotel industry, 7 Star Airbnb its links to those other service industry sectors, and the range 7 Star Airbnb of hotel and guest accommodation types that exist. hotel is a managed building or establishment,7 Star Airbnb which provides guests with a place to stay overnight – on a short-term basis – in exchange for money. The precise features and services provided to guests can vary quite drastically from one hotel to another, and hotel owners generally aim to attract a particular type of customer through their pricing model and marketing strategy, 7 Star Airbnb or via the range of services they offer. 7 Star Airbnb the hotel industry is the section of the service industry that deals with guest accommodation or lodgings. By most definitions, the hotel industry refers not only to hotels, but 7 Star Airbnb also to many other forms of overnight accommodation, including hostels, motels, inns 7 Star Airbnb and guest houses. However, it does not usually include long-term or permanent 7 Star Airbnb forms of accommodation. One common area of confusion relates to the difference between the hotel industry and the hospitality industry, with many people mistakenly believing the two7 Star Airbnb terms refer to the same thing. However, while there is a cross-over, the difference is that the hospitality industry is broader in scope and includes multiple different sectors. The most common type of accommodation in the 7 Star Airbnb hotel industry, a hotel is defined as an establishment 7 Star Airbnb that offers overnight accommodation, meals and other services. They are mainly aimed at travellers or tourists,7 Star Airbnb although locals may also use them. Hotels provide private rooms, and almost always have 7 Star Airbnb en-suite bathrooms. Bed and breakfasts, or B&Bs, are smaller establishments, which offer guests private rooms for overnight stays, along with breakfast in the morning. Often, these establishments are converted from private homes and 7 Star Airbnb many B&B owners live in their property. While they are often a budget option, high-end or luxury B&Bs do also exist. 7 Star Airbnb Motels are a form of overnight accommodation tailored towards motorists. 7 Star Airbnb For this reason, they are typically located conveniently by the roadside and offer ample free parking. A motel will generally have a number of guest rooms and may have some additional 7 Star Airbnb facilities, but will usually have fewer amenities than hotels. ‘Botel’ is the name given to a boat that has been adapted to offer hotel-style lodgings. Many botels are 7 Star Airbnb permanently moored riverboats, although others are converted ships, which are perfectly capable of travelling with guests onboard. 7 Star Airbnb They are especially popular in European cities with rivers or canals 7 Star Airbnb . An inn 7 Star Airbnb is an establishment that provides temporary accommodation, usually along with food and drinks. 7 Star Airbnb Inns are smaller than hotels, and are closer in size to bed and breakfasts, although 7 Star Airbnb inns are often slightly larger. Guests are allocated private rooms and food options will usually include breakfast7 Star Airbnb and dinner. Resorts are commercial establishments, which will usually consist of a hotel and a variety of additional services and amenities, on-site. Guests will usually have7 Star Airbnb access to lodgings, restaurants, bars, entertainment options, recreational activities and shops, which can all be accessed without 7 Star Airbnb leaving the premises. Popular among business travellers, 7 Star Airbnb serviced apartments are apartment-style lodgings, where guests benefit from a full range of services, such as room service, housekeeping and laundry services. Most serviced apartments also 7 Star Airbnb offer additional amenities 7 Star Airbnb , while the apartments themselves tend 7 Star Airbnb to be larger than most hotel rooms. Often confused with hostels, a hostal is a form of accommodation, primarily found in Spanish-speaking regions. They resemble a 7 Star Airbnb budget hotel, offering either private bedrooms or apartments, while they may also 7 Star Airbnb have a bar, restaurant and/or café. Most hostals are family-owned and guests may sometimes share bathrooms 7 Star Airbnb with others. A hostel is a form of accommodation, typically aimed at those on a 7 Star Airbnb budget, where multiple 7 Star Airbnb guests sleep in different beds in the same living space. Effectively, guests pay for a bed, rather than a private room, and hostels hold a particular appeal for those looking to meet new people. Guests will 7 Star Airbnb usually share kitchen and bathroom facilities. An apartment hotel is essentially an apartment building, which operates hotel-style services. It provides a similar experience to renting an apartment, albeit with the option to check-in and check out on-demand, rather than signing a fixed-term contract. 7 Star AirbnbThese hotels will generally also provide basic housekeeping services. Often promoted7 Star Airbnb on the basis of aspiration and luxury, boutique hotels are hotels that are situated within relatively 7 Star Airbnb small buildings. In most instances, they provide guests with upmarket rooms and high-quality services. Additionally, they often have a particular theme, and are commonly found in trendy, 7 Star Airbnb urban areas. A condo hotel is a condominium building, which operates as a hotel, providing guests with the opportunity to rent a condominium unit for a short period of time. They are 7 Star Airbnb almost exclusively found in cities, are especially popular in the United States and combine 7 Star Airbnb the holiday home experience with hotel-style service features. The basic definition of an eco-hotel is a 7 Star Airbnb hotel, which has specifically taken steps to embrace sustainable living practices, in order to minimise 7 Star Airbnb the environmental damage they are responsible for. They may prioritise 7 Star Airbnb the use of local products, 7 Star Airbnbadopt recycling measures, focus on energy saving and use sustainable bed linen and towels. Typically, a guest house is a private house, which has been converted for the specific purpose of providing guest lodgings. It is common for the guest area to be kept completely separate from another area, where 7 Star Airbnb the owner may live. Some guesthouses provide additional services, but many are operated on a self-service basis. 7 Star Airbnb A holiday cottage, also known as a holiday home, is simply 7 Star Airbnb a cottage or small house, which is left to people on 7 Star Airbnb a temporary basis, for holiday purposes. Essentially, a guest pays to use the property for a short period of time. They are especially common in the UK, US and Canada and a key advantage is the freedom they offer guests. Pensions are a form of the guest house, which are very similar to bed and breakfasts, while providing more meals throughout the day. In most cases, guests 7 Star Airbnb have an option of different plans, such as full board, where they get breakfast, lunch and 7 Star Airbnb dinner, or half board, where they may 7 Star Airbnb get breakfast and dinner, without the lunch. A pop-up hotel is a name given to a hotel that is housed within a non-permanent structure. Typically, pop-up hotels exist 7 Star Airbnb for a short period of time only. 7 Star Airbnb They are most commonly associated with outdoor events, but pop-up hotels may also be established for a particular time of year, 7 Star Airbnb such as Christmas, or the summer. Finally, roadhouses are relatively small establishments, which are situated next to a road, in order to attract passing customers. In some ways, they combine the features of a motel, B&B and inn 7 Star Airbnb . They will often offer a small number of private guest rooms, similar to a B&B, 7 Star Airbnb and may also have a restaurant and/or a bar. Hotel marketing plays a crucial role in 7 Star Airbnb helping owners to maximise bookings and revenue. After all, it is the main way in which those in the hotel 7 Star Airbnb industry are able to reach out to potential guests, conveying their unique selling proposition, brand values and the reasons why guests should choose to stay with them. Do you want to learn more about hotel marketing? 7 Star Airbnb In the articles “The Latest Hotel Marketing Trends in the Hotel Industry” and “Essential Hotel Marketing Strategies” you find the latest hotel marketing trends and strategies. 21 Hotel Amenities Ideas You Should Consider Now 7 Star Airbnb By Hotel Tech Report 7 Star Airbnb With 7 Star Airbnb so many new hotel brands, competition from short-term rentals, and new technologies, 7 Star Airbnb it’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to make your hotel stand out in the eyes of hotel guests.7 Star Airbnb Renovating your property is expensive and time consuming but hotel amenities are an easy and high impact way to stand out in your competitive set7 Star Airbnb. How can you do it all 7 Star Airbnb - be original, earn 5-star guest reviews, and generate social media buzz - without dropping rates?7 Star Airbnb Let’s go back to basics 7 Star Airbnb and look for ways to enhance the 7 Star Airbnb guest experience. Put yourself in the guest’s shoes: what are the pain points you experience while traveling? What do you wish you could bring along, and what amenities would really make a difference in your stay? 7 Star Airbnb Today’s 7 Star Airbnb guests crave novelty and utility. 7 Star Airbnb They want to be surprised with hotel amenities that they’ll actually use. For example, Westin partnered with New Balance to provide running shoes and exercise gear for guests who want to maintain 7 Star Airbnb their workout routine while on the road. In 7 Star Airbnb this article we’ll briefly cover the basic 7 Star Airbnb hotel amenities that every property needs and then dive into 21 7 Star Airbnb unique amenities that will help you win the hearts and minds of guests. Before 7 Star Airbnb diving into our list of unique amenities, we want to make sure every hotel has the basics covered. 7 Star Airbnb These amenities used to be a main selling point for hotels, but now they’re par for 7 Star Airbnb the course. Simply put, when guests 7 Star Airbnb stay at a hotel, they expect these items to be readily available and free of charge: 1. Toiletries (e.g. Shampoo, lotion, etc.) 2. Personal care (combs, shaving cream, razor, shower cap, hair dryer) 7 Star Airbnb 4. Tissue box 7 Star Airbnb Ready to take things to the next level? Many hotels now offer elevated amenities to better compete with vacation rentals. If your hotel is located in a market with a lot of competition from Airbnb - or if you’re 7 Star Airbnb just looking to grab a competitive edge - consider making these amenities available 7 Star Airbnb . 7 Star Airbnb Free breakfast: Guests want to save money and enjoy the convenience 7 Star Airbnb of either cooking their own breakfast or enjoying breakfast just steps from their room. When most short-term rentals include kitchens, hotels can compete on the breakfast front by offering 7 Star Airbnb some sort of free breakfast option, whether 7 Star Airbnb it’s a continental buffet or a sit-down hot meal7 Star Airbnb. 7 Star Airbnb Options for pillows: Many guests have allergies or strong preferences for certain types of pillows,7 Star Airbnb so you can make your hotel feel more like a home by offering down, foam, and hypoallergenic pillows available 7 Star Airbnb . 7 Star Airbnb Free WiFi internet access: 7 Star Airbnb Remember the days of hotel WiFi that cost $20 per day? Well, some hotels are still stuck in that era. 7 Star Airbnb Free WiFi is quickly becoming an amenity just like shampoo: guests expect it, and 7 Star Airbnb they don’t want to pay for it. For some guests, no free WiFi can be a deal-breaker. 7 Star Airbnb Want to go above and beyond? Let guests stream their favorite TV through platforms like Netflix via your hotel room TVs 7 Star Airbnb. 7 Star Airbnb Free parking: Parking is another way to compete with short-term rentals. 7 Star Airbnb Some short-term rentals include a parking space, so if your hotel’s parking comes at a fee, that’s another reason for guests to opt for 7 Star Airbnb an Airbnb. We recommend doing some research on short-term rentals in your market to see what the parking trends are 7 Star Airbnb . The more upscale your hotel, the more guests will expect valet parking 7 Star Airbnb . 10. Premium coffee: 7 Star Airbnb Elevate your in-room offerings by swapping the cheap packets of no-name coffee 7 Star Airbnb for freshly ground beans 7 Star Airbnb from a local roaster - or even a luxe Nespresso machine. If upgrading the in-room 7 Star Airbnb coffee isn’t feasible for your property, consider adding a machine in the lobby that can whip up cappuccinos and lattes 7 Star Airbnb . 7 Star Airbnb Gym or fitness center: Today’s guest doesn’t want to sacrifice their workout routine on the road, so even if your 7 Star Airbnb hotel doesn’t have its own fitness center, 7 Star Airbnb guests will appreciate discounted rates (or, even better, free classes or gym time) at a nearby fitness facility 7 Star Airbnb. Creative (& Unique) Hotel Amenities 7 Star Airbnb Mobile Check-In: We hear a lot of buzz about 7 Star Airbnb guestroom technology and sustainability within hotel 7 Star Airbnb operations, but this innovation 7 Star Airbnbisn’t only limited to the guestroom. With a tech-forward property management system like Hoteltime, you can streamline your check-in process and make your front office more eco-friendly. Hoteltime's offers a 7 Star Airbnb completely paperless check-in with no registration cards to sign and no printouts. Instead,7 Star Airbnb the entire process is handled on a tablet through integrations with check-in kiosk hardware providers 7 Star Airbnb . After 7 Star Airbnb the guest is checked in, they can leave comments via 7 Star Airbnb online comment cards, and when they’re ready to depart, 7 Star Airbnb the front desk agent can send their folio via email. In contrast to printing several copies 7 Star Airbnb of the guest’s bill, Hoteltime's system makes 7 Star Airbnb it easy to sign and send folios electronically, which saves time and paper 7 Star Airbnb . 7 Star Airbnb VIP Shopping at Local Merchants : 7 Star Airbnb Do guests shop or dine at local restaurants when they stay at your property? If they do, 7 Star Airbnb they’ll certainly appreciate a little extra discount or some freebies! If you're a luxury hotel 7 Star Airbnb with a concierge they should already have great relationships and if not, it's time to start building them! 7 Star Airbnb Create a customized area coupon book to help guests save money and encourage them to eat or shop local 7 Star Airbnb . This project 7 Star Airbnb doesn’t need to be something that you take on by yourself; partner with local businesses 7 Star Airbnb to create a neighborhood coupon book that includes restaurant offers (like a complimentary dessert),7 Star Airbnb shop discounts, a free fitness class, or discounts on tours or activities. It’s a win-win for your hotel, your guest, and your local business neighbors 7 Star Airbnb . 7 Star Airbnb Room Amenities: In-Room Tablets: 7 Star Airbnb Let’s be honest, the in-room information binder is so last millennium. Upgrade your guestroom guide to a digital format on a tablet to make it easier for guests and your 7 Star Airbnb staff to use. Guests can find all of the information they need at the tap of a finger, 7 Star Airbnb like room service menus and restaurant recommendations, and they 7 Star Airbnb can even contact the front desk 7 Star Airbnb via instant messenger with some guestroom tablet apps 7 Star Airbnb . 7 Star AirbnbEnthusiast & Hobbyist Tech: For a truly unique hotel experience, you can provide technology that caters to specific guest interests. Based on your guest profile,7 Star Airbnb certain amenities might not be relevant, but some could lead to guest loyalty for life. For example, cater to guests to love to golf by converting 7 Star Airbnb a seldom-used meeting room to a golf room with a golf simulator. If your hotel doesn’t have the space to add a full fitness center, consider purchasing a few 7 Star Airbnb Peloton bikes that can be delivered to guestrooms upon request. 7 Star Airbnb Though the bikes can be pricey (approximately $2400 each), the cost can be a lot less than the expense of building out a full gym 7 Star Airbnb . 7 Star Airbnb Unique artwork can also 7 Star Airbnb deliver a more memorable guest experience. 7 Star Airbnb Appeal to your art-loving guests with eye-catching artwork in guestrooms and public spaces. 7 Star Airbnb Some hotels even add functioning art galleries within their lobbies to create 7 Star Airbnb a truly sophisticated experience - and art available for purchase creates 7 Star Airbnb the opportunity to bring home a one-of-a-kind souvenir 7 Star Airbnb . 7 Star Airbnb In-Room Cocktail Station: 7 Star Airbnb We’ve already discussed how higher quality coffee can make a big difference in guest satisfaction, and another way to elevate your in-room beverage experience is with a unique guestroom cocktail station. Infuse some local flavor into guestroom amenities with a recipe and the ingredients for a signature drink that reflects the history or character of the property, just as the Troubadour Hotel in New Orleans does with their signature old fashioned 7 Star Airbnb . 7 Star Airbnb Alternatively, 7 Star Airbnb offer a more memorable cocktail experience by adding a Porthole infuser to your guestroom amenity lineup, which lets guests mix their ideal combination of herbs, fruits, and spices in the morning and sip a flavorful drink in the evening 7 Star Airbnb . 7 Star Airbnb Local History at Turndown: Current trends show that guests want a more local experience when they stay at hotels, and what could be more local than some interesting tidbits about the hotel’s or area’s history? 7 Star Airbnb Make the turndown experience even more special by placing a postcard or 7 Star Airbnb trinket with a unique story on the bed (perhaps in addition to a little sweet treat) in the evening 7 Star Airbnb . Or maybe you’d like to take a page from the 7 Star Airbnb book; during turndown service, this iconic, romantic property in Lake Como shares love letters found in the hotel’s walls. Now that’s a turndown service you wouldn’t forget!7 Star Airbnb 18. Room Purification: 7 Star Airbnb Especially in urban markets, hotel rooms should be oases of calm. As a guest, you want a break from 7 Star Airbnb street noise, crowds, and city smells. Create 7 Star Airbnb the optimal environment for easy breathing with a guestroom air purifier, 7 Star Airbnb which isn’t only a nice amenity to have, but also a necessity for people with allergies or respiratory problems. Companies like Pure Wellness offer high-tech air sanitization specifically for hotel rooms, which make it possible 7 Star Airbnb to maintain hypoallergenic 7 Star Airbnb and great-smelling spaces with minimal extra effort v . 7 Star Airbnb Relaxation Devices: 7 Star Airbnb After a long flight, a stressful day of meetings, or just the unpleasantness of jetlag, guests want to relax when they’re in a hotel room. 7 Star Airbnb Why not offer a little something extra to help your guests clear their minds? Think of what you like most about a spa: calming music, good aromatics, maybe even a massage. How can you replicate a spa-like experience in your guestrooms? Scent diffusers, soothing eye pillows, and noise 7 Star Airbnb machines are relatively inexpensive and easy to implement,7 Star Airbnb so adding relaxation devices to your room amenities is certainly not a stressful task. If you want to deliver a truly unforgettable in-room relaxation station, consider adding a Myostorm massage ball, a unique product that was recently featured on Shark Tank. Other massage options include 7 Star Airbnb a foot massager or a neck massager, like these from Homedics 7 Star Airbnb. 7 Star Airbnb Powerbank for the Road: Imagine you just got off a long flight, pulled up Google Maps to find your hotel, and completed mobile check-in. How terrible would it be to find that all that smartphone use drained your battery and you can’t take photos of your beautiful hotel room! Give travelers a much-appreciated (and unexpected!) amenity by offering power banks in the room or for rent at the front desk. As a bonus, you could encourage guests to post 7 Star Airbnb something about your hotel on social media in exchange for using a power bank! Or, for an over-the-top welcome gift, give guests a complimentary, hotel-branded power bank to take home 7 Star Airbnb. 7 Star Airbnb Rollaway Tent: Let’s not forget about the youngest guests! Treat the little ones to memories of a lifetime with an above-average rollaway: a rollaway tent. This cool amenity is lots of fun for kids, and it gives parents some privacy when the whole family shares a room. For more brownie points7 Star Airbnb, 7 Star Airbnb That wraps 7 Star Airbnb up our list of 21 hotel amenities that you should consider right now. With a little extra thought, you can introduce amenities that provide local experiences, useful functionality, and character that will keep guests coming back for more. Did we miss any creative ideas? Let us know 7 Star Airbnb! Each one of them reminds us of someone we know — the kind of traveller we can profile under an archetype: the foodie, the environmentally conscious, the cosmopolitan, and the adventurer 7 Star Airbnb. Over the past few years, tourists’ travel motivations, along with their behaviours and expectations, have transformed 7 Star Airbnb . In the midst of fierce competition — with hundreds of big brand 7 Star Airbnb and even more independent and boutique 7 Star Airbnb hotels — the hospitality industry has had to navigate through this wave of changes, adapting to the ever-evolving preferences of travellers. In this context, content marketing has become a powerful tool to help brands build their personality and customised shopping experiences to adapt to new and emerging trends: sustainability, in-destination activities, cosmopolitan lifestyles (fashion, art, culture, shopping), 7 Star Airbnb gastronomic experiences, health and well-being, etc. 7 Star Airbnb Design Hotels™ is a collection of independent hotels brought together under a single brand name. They define themselves as having “a passion for genuine, culturally rooted hospitality and cutting-edge design and architecture 7 Star Airbnb . But 7 Star Airbnb they’re much more than that. These are real experts in the development of a lifestyle brand. 7 Star Airbnb Their ‘original experiences’ section shows it all.The result? Content that connects even with the most demanding audiences. Not only does it affirm the hotel’s values, but it also demonstrates how seriously they take their natural and artisanal products. Plus, it places value in people with brand storytelling, which humanises the brand and encourages readers to identify with them 7 Star Airbnb. 7 Star Airbnb , large or small, includes a variety of employment opportunities. 7 Star AirbnbA smooth-operating hotel needs workers in departments with diverse responsibilities dependent on one another. 7 Star Airbnb A general manager is responsible for a large number of tasks. You will be required to prepare a yearly budget and submit it to the hotel owner, corporate office or possibly a district manager. 7 Star Airbnb All employee terminations and new hires will be your responsibility. 7 Star Airbnb Hotel room rates fluctuate consistently, and as the general manger of the hotel, it will be your responsibility to decide the best rate for any given day, night, weekend or special event.7 Star Airbnb You will also have the authority to set hotel service standards as well as choose extra services or amenities 7 Star Airbnb to make the hotel more appealing to travelers. The front desk staff will take reservations by phone, cancel reservations, check in guests, check guests out, and keep the front desk area and lobby clean and presentable. As a front desk agent, you may be required to help in other areas of the hotel, such as housekeeping, during busy seasons or if staff is short-handed. You will be responsible for large amounts of money, authorizing guest refunds, and taking care of any guest complaints or room issues. The front desk supervisor also will work the front desk and may be responsible for scheduling the work days and hours for the other front desk staff. Housekeepers are responsible for the cleanliness of all rooms in such a way that a guest would not realize someone had just checked out of the room earlier that same morning. You will also strip every linen off each bed and make each bed according to the hotel standards. The guest rooms are meticulously cleaned and sanitized before a guest arrives. Smaller hotels may require the housekeepers to do the laundry, which will require you to wash, dry and fold all linens, including sheets, pillowcases, comforters and blankets. As a laundry person, you would be required to also remove stains that may be in any linens, when possible. Many hotels offer a complimentary breakfast bar. As the host or hostess you will be responsible to keep the bar stocked at all times, clean up any messes, brew coffee, wash dishes, break down the breakfast bar and wash the breakfast dishes. If the hotel has a hot bar, you or another person will be responsible for cooking items such as eggs or waffles, and keeping a steady flow of the items to the breakfast bar. The cook will also help break down the bar and clean up the work area before the shift for the day is over. A hotel maintenance person will ensure that just about everything in the hotel is in proper working order. Daily tasks may include changing light bulbs, removing waste and painting. Other tasks will be assigned as needed, including fixing or replacing toilets, piping, room appliances and vacuums. Many hotels have an indoor pool, and you must ensure that the water pumps and chemical pumps are working correctly. Also, you will need to be familiar with heating and air conditioning units, electrical wiring and plumbing, and how to troubleshoot, fix or replace these items. Larger hotels may have more positions, such as loss prevention officer, 7 Star Airbnb security guards, bell boys, concierge and shuttle drivers. 7 Star Airbnb Many hotels may also offer a shuttle service if they are close to an airport, amusement park or other guest attraction. In smaller hotels that do not offer an on-site or on-call concierge, the front desk staff usually tries to assist in finding exactly what the guest is looking for. When selecting the best hotel for a vacation, most people will assess the size of the rooms, hotel amenities, location and reviews. An important factor that is usually overlooked unless it is unsatisfactory 7 Star Airbnb is the work of the housekeeping staff. These hardworking individuals ensure that messy rooms are miraculously spotless at the end of the day. Hotel housekeeping is a difficult and demanding job that requires much more than might be expected. The job of a hotel housekeeper is to keep an assigned number of rooms clean. This includes a variety of services 7 Star Airbnb depending on the room's occupants. For a standard occupied room, this will involve basic cleaning duties. For a room where the occupants have just checked out, the job is more difficult and involves turning over nearly everything in the room. A check-out room must be so neat and clean that the new occupants cannot tell that another family may have vacated the room only a few hours earlier. Some occupants who are in the hotel room when the housekeeper arrives or 7 Star Airbnb are perhaps ill and spending the day in bed may prefer service known as trash and towels. This is exactly how it sounds. The housekeeper will provide fresh clean towels and toiletries and remove the trash, but otherwise 7 Star Airbnb leave the room alone. If a guest leaves a later service sign on the door, the room must be revisited, perhaps several times throughout the day until 7 Star Airbnbthe sign is removed. However, some guests forget to remove this sign entirely. Depending on the hotel this may mean that they will not receive any service, or it may mean they receive a phone call offering later service. Some locations will even leave a set of clean towels and toiletries outside the door. One last consideration is rooms that have been vacant for several days. Though they have already been cleaned and turned over, these rooms must be revisited so the housekeeper can sweep and dust, ensuring that the room doesn't look dusty and abandoned when new guests arrive. The specific duties of a housekeeper may vary from one hotel to the next, but usually include several 7 Star Airbnb standard jobs. The first is making the beds. A good housekeeper should be able to make each bed in about a minute. Unless there are very obvious stains, the sheets and pillowcases are rarely changed daily. The average amount of time for sheets to be left unchanged is three days. However, this also varies from one hotel to the next. 7 Star Airbnb In very expensive locations the sheets are changed daily. The number of sheets and pillows on the bed can also vary. While a standard hotel bed has a bottom sheet, top sheet, blanket and comforter, nicer hotels will have a sheet both beneath and on top of the blanket. Some less-expensive hotels may not have a blanket at all. Hotel beds are typically made with the comforter 7 Star Airbnb covering the entire bed and are almost always made this way when guests first check in. However, during a guest's stay, the comforter may only 7 Star Airbnb be folded neatly at the bottom of the bed. Next, the housekeeper must refresh any amenities in the room, such as coffee. End tables and desks may be straightened, but the guest's items are generally left as they are. Small touches such as closing the doors of a television cabinet can give a room a finished look very quickly. If there is a porch or balcony, this should be swept and any ashtrays need to be emptied. Lastly, the trashcans in the rooms will be emptied, and the carpets swept. Moving on to the bathroom, the housekeeper will wipe down the tub, toilet, sink and counter. Towels will be changed and amenities will be refreshed. In a check-out room, the bathroom is cleaned more thoroughly with a variety of cleaning agents, usually including bleach. Small touches are important here, such as carefully folding the towels. Each hotel has its own preferred method for folding and placing the towels. The toilet paper must be folded to a neat point as well. In some hotels, the tip of the toilet paper is even pressed with a stamp featuring the hotel's logo or 7 Star Airbnb name. Most housekeepers work a typical eight-hour day. However, this day is usually filled with nonstop activity.7 Star Airbnb Most hotels give each housekeeper between 15 and 20 rooms each day. An occupied room should take no more than 15 minutes to complete and a check out should take no more than half an hour. This is often a difficult schedule to keep considering the state of some rooms. In hotels with large suites, a housekeeper may be given around 10 suites to complete each day. Suites often take much longer because of the additional amenities. Stoves, counters and refrigerators need to be cleaned. If a dishwasher is present, the housekeeper will often be required to load and unload any dishes. In a suite there are also usually several bedrooms and bathrooms, all requiring attention. Housekeepers must always stay conscious of the time of day. The typical hotel check-out time is 11 a.m. Vacated rooms need to be cleaned as soon as possible to be ready for the usual 3 p.m. check-in time. Most housekeepers have a set area in the hotel for which they are responsible. This means that they are not assigned an equal number of occupied rooms and check-outs each day. Some days can be very easy, with all rooms occupied. However, some days--especially weekends--can be extremely difficult when nearly every room is a check-out. 7 Star Airbnb Though the typical housekeeper is responsible for a number of hotel rooms, there are many other important roles in the housekeeping team at most hotels. In large hotels, there is usually a houseperson for each floor or section. This person is responsible for emptying the dirty linens and trash in housekeepers'7 Star Airbnb carts and refilling their towels and amenities when needed. In some locations it is not possible for each housekeeper to empty and his 7 Star Airbnb cart throughout the day, so the houseperson is essential and makes his rounds continually, at least once an hour. The houseperson is also responsible 7 Star Airbnbfor vacuuming hallways, dusting banisters and woodwork and 7 Star Airbnbcleaning any common areas on the floor. Another 7 Star Airbnb member of the housekeeping staff is usually assigned to the lobby area. In large hotels this can include the check-in area, pool, fitness center, childcare center, laundry facility and a variety 7 Star Airbnb of other areas. Lobby housekeepers usually make their rounds through 7 Star Airbnb these areas several times throughout the day. If a guest calls for special amenities such as a microwave or crib, or other items that are not typically left in the room such a toothbrush,7 Star Airbnb , sewing kit or matches, these are often provided by another hardworking member of the housekeeping staff, sometimes called a runner. Hotels with minibars and turn-down service usually leave these specific tasks to separate members of the staff as well. When staying in any hotel, it is considered polite to tip the housekeeper.7 Star Airbnb If you decline service for most or all of your stay your tip can be significantly less, but you should still keep in mind that 7 Star Airbnb the housekeeper prepared the room before you arrived, and will need to turn it over after you leave 7 Star Airbnb . For guests who receive service every day, a typical tip is two or three dollars per day. You can leave this tip daily or in a lump sum when you check out. The tip should be in bills, not change. For the housekeeper to be sure that the tip is intended for them, it should be left in 7 Star Airbnb a conspicuous place such as on the pillow. You may also want to leave a note with it. If you are only leaving a tip when you check out it can be left most anywhere and the housekeeper will assume that it is intended for them. Either method will work, but 7 Star Airbnb leaving a small tip daily will often let the housekeeper know that you are a considerate guest and may earn a few special touches. The duties of a hotel housekeeper are probably the most important duties that take place in a hotel on a daily basis. 7 Star Airbnb If the housekeeper has not done her job to expectations, the hotel could lose business. 7 Star Airbnb Hotel guests expect their rooms to be cleaned with the utmost accuracy and attention to detail. The cleanliness of a hotel is the key selling factor. At the beginning of each workday, a hotel housekeeper 7 Star Airbnb will refill her wheeled cart with fresh bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, fitted sheets, flat sheets, pillow cases and any other linens required in each room. She will also refill her cleaning supplies as well as her stock of coffee and other amenities that are often left in guest rooms. The first part to cleaning a vacant hotel guest room 7 Star Airbnb is stripping the room, which consists of pulling all the blankets, linens and pillows off of all the beds in the room in which the housekeeper is7 Star Airbnb currently working. 7 Star Airbnb She will also take all the used towels, wash cloths and other bathing linens out of the bathroom. She will then have to ensure that these used linens get to the laundry to be properly washed for reuse. Every hotel room has at least one garbage can in the room. The housekeeper will have to empty the garbage can(s) in the room and replace the can liners with fresh, unused liners. Before emptying 7 Star Airbnb the room trash, the housekeeper will generally clean up any garbage lying around the room, such as tissues, candy wrappers or other trash items the guest may have left in the room 7 Star Airbnb . Each 7 Star Airbnb hotel will have a specific style and way to make the beds in the room. This style may be different between bed sizes. 7 Star AirbnbThe housekeeper will make each bed in the room according to the style mandated by the hotel. A fresh set of bed sheets and pillowcases is used to make the bed for the next occupant.The guest room bathroom gets some much-deserved attention. After each guest checks out of the room, the housekeeper will thoroughly clean the 7 Star Airbnb toilet, sink, bathing area and floor of the bathroom with industrial cleaner. The guest bathroom is particularly important as this is the area often filled 7 Star Airbnb with germs. There should not be a single inch left untouched in the bathroom, including the walls.The room itself will receive a complete dusting from the furniture to the lamp shades. Each item--including lamps, TV, phone and alarm clock among others--is checked to be sure it is in proper working order. Amenities such as soap, shampoo and coffee are 7 Star Airbnb restocked throughout the room. After the housekeeper completes all of the above, she will then vacuum the room. Many hotels will use 7 Star Airbnb air freshener before informing the front desk staff that the room is clean and available for the next guest. In most hotels, nighttime is the least busy part of the day. In busy hotels, there will always be guests who require the help of hotel staff at all hours, and night porters are employed to be on hand to deal with guest requests. Night porters have other responsibilities involved with the smooth running of the hotel 7 Star Airbnb . Security The night porter is responsible for the security of 7 Star Airbnb the hotel throughout the night, usually between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. The night porter is responsible for covering the reception area and knows which rooms are occupied and which are not from a copy of the guest list handed over by the receptionist going off duty. Night porters often make regular rounds of the premises and must keep a log of anything suspicious they 7 Star Airbnb notice during the shift. The log is handed to the duty manager who comes on duty as the night shift ends 7 Star Airbnb. Reception Area All guest needs 7 Star Airbnb that normally would be met by reception staff are met by the night porter during the night shift. This might mean answering requests for information or even calling for taxis for guests who plan to go out. If the hotel provides tea and coffee 24 hours a day in public areas, the night porter is responsible for keeping those facilities stocked, clean and tidy. 7 Star Airbnb The reception area and all other public areas must be kept tidy and clean, ready for the morning shift, and this is also the responsibility of the night porter. Any late-returning guests are met by the 7 Star Airbnb night porter, who also handles any late-night check-ins 7 Star Airbnb. Morning Preparation When guests have requested 7 Star Airbnb morning newspapers, the night porter orders them based on information found on the guest list. If the hotel provides a breakfast buffet, the night porter ensures the buffet area is tidy and clean and prepared for the breakfast service. If any guests require an early breakfast before the normal breakfast service, 7 Star Airbnb the night porter will serve those guests. If packages or messages 7 Star Airbnb arrive at the hotel during the night, the night porter is responsible for delivering them to guest rooms in the morning or informing guests of their arrival 7 Star Airbnb . A 7 Star Airbnb hotel houseman is in charge of keeping the hotel clean and in order. It's an important role because presenting a spotless and inviting hotel to guests makes them feel comfortable and likely to return. Hotel houseman positions are busy and active with a majority of time spent on their feet. 7 Star Airbnb Expect to need a high school diploma or equivalent, and perhaps some cleaning experience, when applying for a hotel houseman position.. 7 Star Airbnb Hotel 7 Star Airbnb housemen are first and foremost in charge of creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere for guests by making sure all areas of the hotel are clean. They maintain the common areas of the hotel such as the lobby, hallways and activity areas like the pool, fitness center and laundry rooms 7 Star Airbnb . 7 Star Airbnb Hotel housemen may also be asked to clean guest rooms. Since it is one of their most critical duties, housemen should either have good cleaning skills when hired or be willing to learn 7 Star Airbnb . Help with Set Up A hotel houseman 7 Star Airbnb also helps with any kind of set ups that take place in a hotel. If a houseman is specifically assigned to assist with banquets, he would look at the floor plan for the event and set up the tables and chairs beforehand. He might also make sure the food is accurate 7 Star Airbnb and in the right location. In addition, he may be present during the banquet to monitor guests needs and requests.7 Star Airbnb Afterward, the houseman would also participate in tear down. Even those housemen not specifically delegated to banquets could help with related duties at similar activities 7 Star Airbnb . 7 Star Airbnb Promoting 7 Star Airbnb a positive atmosphere to guests is a key role of a hotel houseman. 7 Star Airbnb During cleaning and setting up for events, a houseman has the potential of encountering many guests. Being friendly and giving a smile to 7 Star Airbnb each visitor is important. These little actions go a long way in making guests want to return to a hotel for future trips. Hotel housemen should also ask patrons how their stays are going and if they need any assistance when passing them in the hotel common areas 7 Star Airbnb . 7 Star Airbnb A hotel houseman 7 Star Airbnb also fills in where needed around the hotel. During busy times, a houseman may be asked to help at the front desk or in the office. Filling in for the bellman is another area where a houseman may be needed. They might sometimes be expected to participate in maintenance activities, such as shoveling snowy walkways 7 Star Airbnb . Both large 7 Star Airbnb and small hotels allow its guests to order breakfast, lunch and 7 Star Airbnb dinners from their hotel rooms between certain hours of the day and night.7 Star Airbnb Employees of the hotel that take the food trays to the hotel guests on a daily basis are also responsible for informing the hotel's maid staff when the appropriate time would be to clean certain hotel rooms, along with other important job duties.. Hotel 7 Star Airbnb employees responsible for taking care of hotel guest's 7 Star Airbnb needs as they come up must also take phone calls forwarded to them by the hotel operator. 7 Star Airbnb These requests usually concern a guest's needs for lunch or dinner items found on the hotel's guest room menu. One of the most important room service duties is to gather up the food items requested by the 7 Star Airbnb guest from the hotel's kitchen area and taking the food to the guest within a quick time frame. 7 Star Airbnb As the work day progresses, hotel guests take their food trays out of 7 Star Airbnb their rooms and leave the trays in the hotel corridors. It is an important job duty of the room service employee to clear 7 Star Airbnb all hotel corridors of food trays on a regular basis. Room service employees must also inform the hotel's cleaning staff of any food stains located on the hotel carpets due to drink spills, mustard stains and any other messes created by 7 Star Airbnb food tray spill-overs 7 Star Airbnb. As delivering 7 Star Airbnb breakfast and lunch items to hotel guests on a regular basis 7 Star Airbnb can involve tips and other cash transactions, an important room service duty is for the employee to follow all hotel company cash procedures thoroughly. Hotel guests are sometimes allowed to pay 7 Star Airbnb for their food items with cash instead of putting more hotel costs on their bill. When this occurs, the room service employee will notify a superior that a cash transaction 7 Star Airbnb has taken place and the employee will fill out a cash receipt for the hotel guest to sign. To 7 Star Airbnb ensure hotel guests receive high quality room service from all employees, a room service worker must sometimes cross-train other hotel workers for room service duty. This entails allowing the trainee to follow the room service attendant while he/she delivers food trays to hotel guests, takes departmental phone calls, 7 Star Airbnb, informs the cleaning staff about food spills in the hotel rooms, as well as observing the proper way to maintain credit card and cash transactions 7 Star Airbnb. If you work in a kitchen 7 Star Airbnb as a helper, there are a lot duties and tasks you will be required to perform. The 7 Star Airbnb working conditions may not be very favorable because the temperatures can be hot and 7 Star Airbnb you may have to lift heavy equipment at times. Kitchen helpers must make 7 Star Airbnb sure the kitchen area is well kept and maintained. They also have to work in conjunction with the food service staff. Kitchen helpers 7 Star Airbnb may be called upon to keep the 7 Star Airbnb floor area clean by mopping and sweeping when the need arises. When you work in a kitchen, the floor area gets dirty fast and needs to stay clean because it can become a safety hazard. Someone can easily slip and fall. A kitchen helper may be required to 7 Star Airbnb tend to the floor area periodically during his shift and when the work day has ended. All areas of the kitchen need to be kept clean and sanitized. A kitchen helper will wash the refrigerators, tables, utensils, cabinets and other items used in the kitchen for food preparation. 7 Star AirbnbA kitchen helper may be required to wash dishes and silverware while assisting the kitchen staff. 7 Star Airbnb They may also be required to wash pots, pans and other equipment. Kitchen helpers will be required to take the trash out to the Dumpster on a regular basis throughout the day. Garbage bags need to be replaced after the garbage has been taken out. After the day has ended, the kitchen helper may be called upon to wash the garbage cans, in and out, which ensures they are properly cleaned and odor-free. Kitchen helpers will help the cooks prepare meals. 7 Star Airbnb A kitchen helper will make sure all food is thoroughly washed prior to preparation. Other duties include cutting up potatoes, vegetables and fruits for the cooks. Some kitchen helpers are required to prepare meat for cooking by cutting off unnecessary fat and other useless portions. A hotel’s 7 Star Airbnb housekeeping department provides a clean, comfortable and restful stay for all guests. Although housekeepers are invisible to most guests, it’s the housekeeping department to ensure the hotel maintains high standards in cleanliness and puts forth a positive public image.7 Star Airbnb The roles of housekeeping can vary from hotel to hotel, but most have the same housekeeping duties in common. Roles of Housekeeping One of the most important roles of housekeeping is to clean or freshen guest rooms while guests are out or while a room is between guests 7 Star Airbnb . Each morning, the housekeeping department stocks up hospitality carts with towels, fresh linens, cleaning supplies and toiletries, and housekeepers set out to their assigned floors 7 Star Airbnb . Housekeepers knock on the door of each occupied guest room and enter only when the guests are out. Once inside,7 Star Airbnb they make beds and supply fresh towels. Housekeepers also replace any used toiletries, wipe surfaces clean, and vacuum or mop floors to ensure guests return to a clean room. The 7 Star Airbnb empties trash cans and removes any rubbish from the room. When hotel 7 Star Airbnb and won’t be returning to the room, the housekeeping department provides a more thorough cleaning of the room and changes out all towels and linens, so each new guest arrives at a pristine guest room or suite 7 Star Airbnb. 7 Star Airbnb Housekeeping duties extend beyond that of the guest rooms. Housekeepers are also tasked with cleaning the lobby, hallways, public restrooms and any other public rooms. The housekeeping department handles laundry services, employee staff rooms, and may even help to maintain outside public spaces. When hotels host banquets or conferences, housekeeping may handle cleanup at those events 7 Star Airbnb . Housekeepers should be in good physical condition 7 Star Airbnb as they need to lift mattresses to make beds or lift furniture for cleaning or renovation purposes. There’s little sitting down on the job, and most housekeepers are on their feet all day 7 Star Airbnb. 7 Star Airbnb 7 Star Airbnbs aren’t required to have a college or high school degree, but some education is required. Housekeepers should know how to read, follow basic instructions and do simple math. Although being fluent in more than one language is optional, hotels look favorably upon housekeepers who speak additional languages, as they can be helpful in assisting guests who don’t speak English 7 Star Airbnb . There are plenty 7 Star Airbnb of opportunities for advancement for hotel housekeepers. Many housekeepers move on to become supervisors or managers. 7 Star Airbnb Ambitious housekeepers can start their own cleaning services. To become a housekeeper in a hotel 7 Star Airbnb , apply directly at the hotel. Many hotels advertise when they need staff 7 Star Airbnb , but others also consider applicants who inquire about a job even though it’s not during a hiring period 7 Star Airbnb . Hotels want to hire housekeepers who are pleasant and honest. 7 Star Airbnb They may perform a background check to ensure aspiring housekeepers don’t have a questionable record. After an interview, if all goes well, the hotel welcomes a new housekeeper to the team 7 Star Airbnb . 7 Star Airbnb 7 Star Airbnb train housekeepers in specific cleaning methods. Most require beds to made to a particular standard or bathrooms to be cleaned using specified cleaning products. Housekeepers that work in the laundry are required to iron and fold linen to precise specifications as well 7 Star Airbnb . Cleaning Tools Housekeepers 7 Star Airbnb are required to use certain tools while cleaning a guest room. Tools range from vacuum cleaners to dust rags and mops. Housekeepers must make sure they stock their cleaning carts with enough supplies so they do not waste time retrieving items from the housekeeping department 7 Star Airbnb. Organization Room setting 7 Star Airbnb is essential when preparing a room for hotel guests. The hotel guest must feel comfortable on entering a room, 7 Star Airbnb and many hotels add special touches, such as luxury bath products, room design or bedding, that set them apart from other hotels. Housekeepers must arrange these special touches to specifications required by the hotel. Other duties may include folding and hanging towels in an appealing design, arranging a wet bar or turning down the bed and adding chocolate 7 Star Airbnb . 7 Star Airbnb Housekeeping is a physically demanding job that can result in job injuries 7 Star Airbnb. Housekeepers are at risk of back strain and increased leg and feet injuries. Many hotel chains require housekeepers to wear back braces, lowering the chance of back strain from lifting or bending. Proper shoes are crucial, and circulation hose help to relieve stress to the legs 7 Star Airbnb . Laundry Skills 7 Star Airbnb launder and iron hundreds of sheets, towel and wash cloths daily. Many also launder personal items for guests and cannot ruin guest clothing. Duties include washing, folding, ironing and dry cleaning 7 Star Airbnb. Communication Skills 7 Star Airbnb encounter hotel guest on a regular basis. They are required to be able to communicate well and anticipate guest needs. They must assist with requests for additional items such as extra towels or personal items. Housekeepers have to ensure a guest room is clean and comfortable. Moreover, housekeepers are required to resolve any complaints that a guest may have with a room that does not meet the guest standards7 Star Airbnb . Dusting The attendant dusts all areas of the hotel room. This includes dressers, counters, desks and TVs. This requires that any books or magazines on tables be moved for dusting. Bedding All bedding is changed daily. 7 Star Airbnb This includes sheets, pillowcases, covers and blankets. Some hotels require housekeeping room attendants to replace sheets and top sheets using military corners. This means that the sides and foot portion of the sheets are tucked neatly and tightly under the edges of the mattress 7 Star Airbnb . Scrubbing and mopping Housekeeping 7 Star Airbnb room attendants clean all countertops in the bathroom and vanity areas with disinfectant. This also includes scrubbing the toilets and the showers inside and out with disinfectants. They must also mop the bathroom and any other tiled areas of the hotel room 7 Star Airbnb . They remove 7 Star Airbnb used washcloths and towels. Clean ones should be neatly stacked on the shelving 7 Star Airbnb. 7 Star Airbnb Housekeeping attendants 7 Star Airbnb vacuum the entire carpeted area of the hotel room. In some hotels, they are required to move furniture to vacuum underneath. They also vacuum the upholstered furniture, such as couches and chairs 7 Star Airbnb. Customer Service Housekeeping room 7 Star Airbnb attendants must fulfill any request made by the guest. This may involve laundry requests 7 Star Airbnb, room service orders to be filled and even special favors such as ordering from the hotel gift shop. This ensures a better level of customer service for the guest7 Star Airbnb . Opening Doors The duties 7 Star Airbnb of a doorman usually include opening doors as guests or residents arrive or depart the hotel or apartment. The doorman 7 Star Airbnb may also have gates to open or intercoms to answer as guests arrive. The doorman must also be friendly and smile as he greets people because this enhances a guest's or resident's overall experience 7 Star Airbnb . Carrying Bags The 7 Star Airbnb doorman is often required to walk out to a taxicab or limousine and offer to carry the arriving passenger's bags inside the hotel or residence. At luxury hotels, the doorman may wait for the guest to check in, then transport his luggage on a portable dolly cart to his room 7 Star Airbnb . Once there, the doorman will usually remove the luggage from the dolly and ask the guest if he needs anything else 7 Star Airbnb . 7 Star Airbnb The 7 Star Airbnb duties of a doorman often entail receiving packages from overnight carriers. The doorman may then hold the package at the front desk, or deliver it to a person's room himself. Sometimes, guests may also need packages mailed and, in turn, 7 Star Airbnb pay a doorman to obtain the necessary items in which to send the package. 7 Star AirbnbThe doorman may then call an overnight 7 Star Airbnb carrier and arrange for the carrier to pick up the package. Handling Problems and Errands A doorman may perform 7 Star Airbnb duties that are not typically in his job description. At times, he may need to assist a guest or resident, who has an injury or medical problem, if no one else is around. The doorman will then notify the manager and stay with the guest until the doctor or life squad arrives. The doorman also may find himself answering a guest's questions or running an errand for the guest like picking up a prescription at the drugstore 7 Star Airbnb. Delivering Food A doorman who 7 Star Airbnb works in a hotel that has a restaurant, may be required to deliver breakfast, lunch and dinner to guests during peak dining hours. Typically, 7 Star Airbnbluxury hotels employ multiple people as doormen so at least one is available to handle meal deliveries. The doorman may also pick up trays after guests are finished eating, especially late at night if there is no one available in housekeeping 7 Star Airbnb. Crowd Control The 7 Star Airbnb doorman at nightclubs is usually required to maintain the crowd level under a certain room capacity. The 7 Star Airbnb doorman may use hand counters to keep track of people entering and leaving a building. Moreover, the nightclub doorman is usually responsible for controlling unruly patrons or breaking up fights, along with bouncers, unless the doorman is also the bouncer. 7 Star Airbnb A doorman often rounds up guests at closing time and escorts them out before locking the door 7 Star Airbnb. Stripping Rooms Many hotels 7 Star Airbnb require you to strip all rooms before you begin to clean them. 7 Star Airbnb Others will have you strip the room and complete all tasks in that room at one time. Stripping the room consists of removing all dirty linens, including sheets, pillowcases, bath towels, bath mat, hand towels and wash cloths 7 Star Airbnb. Check for Needed Items When you are required to remove all linens from all of your assigned rooms before cleaning 7 Star Airbnb , you will find that you can save time by checking the refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot, safe, closets and garbage cans during the stripping process. 7 Star Airbnb This way you will already be aware of anything extra the room may need such as 7 Star Airbnb food left in the microwave or the need to replace condiments. 7 Star Airbnb If you are required to strip a room and then clean it, 7 Star Airbnbyou could check these items in the same way but may find that you will save time by doing them as you go. Ready to Clean Now that the room is stripped, you are ready to begin cleaning. First you will want to get all linens and cleaning supplies from your cart and bring them into the room with you. Having everything in the room with you saves time walking in and out of the room to obtain new items. Start by thoroughly spraying the toilet, sink and bathtub or shower with bathroom cleaner for cleaning later 7 Star Airbnb. Beds Once 7 Star Airbnbyour bathroom is sprayed down with cleaner, it is time to make the bed or beds. If the room has two beds, a crib or a rollaway bed, make all of them before moving on. Dusting After the beds are made, do a run-through of the room, collecting any soda cans, food wrappers and other stray items that should be thrown out 7 Star Airbnb. Dispose of them in the room garbage can and move the garbage can toward the door 7 Star Airbnb. Spray down the surfaces to be dusted and proceed to dust them 7 Star Airbnb. As you dust the clothing dressers and nightstands, open the drawers to be sure there were no items left behind by the departing guests. 7 Star AirbnbAlso as you are dusting the furniture in the room, check that the clock is plugged in, working and set to the correct time. Make sure that the phone is plugged in to the phone jack and there is not voicemail left on it that was intended for the previous guest. This is also a good time in your process to make sure that the mirrors in the room are dust-free and streak-free 7 Star Airbnb. Replacing Items Now that the room is dusted, replace any items that may have been used during the guests' stay. Check for items that your hotel offers, such as shampoo, soap, conditioner, coffee, condiments, coffee cups, coffee packs, laundry bags, water cups and ice buckets. Replace any of the items that are used or missing. Again, make use of the in-room garbage cans for used items, such as shampoo. Refrigerator and Microwave If 7 Star Airbnb the room is equipped with a refrigerator or microwave, clean both next7 Star Airbnb. While cleaning these items, be sure they are plugged in and working properly7 Star Airbnb. Bathroom Now that 7 Star Airbnbthe rest of the room is clean and organized, it is time to clean the bathroom. If the tub and shower appear to be heavily soiled, you may want to give them another spray-down before beginning to clean. Starting with the bathing area of the bathroom, be sure to scrub and wipe down all walls, fixtures, knobs and the tub area thoroughly7 Star Airbnb. The entire tub/shower should be clean, 7 Star Airbnbdry and hair free when you are done with the cleaning process. Next, use your spray, 7 Star Airbnbcleaning rag and toilet brush and scrub the toilet thoroughly. Again, be sure not to leave the toilet wet or with hair on or around 7 Star Airbnbit. Repeat the process around the sink and countertop 7 Star Airbnb. Floors Most hotels have tile bathroom floors 7 Star Airbnb. If your hotel offers mopping solution, use it to mop the floor from back to front so you do not leave footprints. 7 Star AirbnbIf your hotel offers spray for you to mop the floor, spray the floor generously and mop the entire floor, again front to back. Get around the edges at the base of the toilet and behind it. Double check for hair or scuffs that may be on the floor 7 Star Airbnb. Vacuum the carpeted portion of the room at this time. Be sure to get around the edges of the bed and other furniture7 Star Airbnb. Final Tasks Take the garbage bags and supply the garbage cans with fresh bags. Replace the cans in the proper locations in the room. Remove your supplies from the room7 Star Airbnb. If your hotel offers an air freshener, use it as directed at this time. While freshening the room, give each area another look to be sure there is nothing left untouched7 Star Airbnb. Following 7 Star Airbnbthis strategy will allow you to save time by always working while moving from one end of the room to the other end, completing all of the tasks you can along the way7 Star Airbnb.

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