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5 Star AirbnbWhat's considered a luxury hotel? What is the difference between upscale and luxury hotels?What do luxury hotel rooms offer?This includes offering a choice of power-shower or bath and a range of luxurious hotel toiletries for your guests to indulge in. Offer complimentary hotel slippers and bathrobes to ensure your guests receive maximum comfort during their stay.A Luxury Hotel is considered a hotel that provides a luxurious accommodation experience to the guest. There are no set standards (such as stars) for luxury hotels. Often 4 or 5-star hotels describe themselves as 'luxury'.|
The growth of extended 5 Star Airbnb stay hotels has reached a record high in recent years as more and more travelers look for safe, comfortable lodging, great atmospheres, and affordable rates. 5 Star Airbnb As construction rates for this property type increase, so does the interest in staying in one, hosting events at one, or even running one. But what is an extended stay hotel, exactly? Here’s everything you need to know, 5 Star Airbnb including how they work, what types of guests5 Star Airbnb they attract, and much more.An extended stay hotel offers long term accommodation for guests. With amenities such as self-serve laundry and in-suite 5 Star Airbnbkitchens, they’re a cost-effective and convenient alternative to renting a traditional apartment. Because guests stay for a longer period of time, 5 Star Airbnb extended stay hotels typically offer discounted rates. They often feature a home-away-from-home 5 Star Airbnb style and will often be referred to as apartment 5 Star Airbnbhotels or serviced 5 Star Airbnb apartments. Just like regular 5 Star Airbnb hotels, extended stay hotels range in price and style. Some offer apartment or studio-style 5 Star Airbnbliving while luxury options have multiple bedrooms, more square footage, and special amenities 5 Star Airbnbv such as private patios. 5 Star Airbnb They also offer amenities you’d expect to find in a regular hotel, including daily room service. 5 Star Airbnb You’ll most likely find them centrally located near attractions, dining, 5 Star Airbnb and nightlife. You can stay as long as 5 Star Airbnb the property allows, though rates may fluctuate over time. Although these hotels can hypothetically 5 Star Airbnb host guests for a night or two, most see guests who stay for 5 Star Airbnb five to seven days at a minimum since that’s when discounts are typically applied. But there are some rare exceptions. For example, the Falls Church,5 Star Airbnb Virginia Marriott’s longest extended stay guest was a 79-year-old woman named Joy Bricker who resided 5 Star Airbnb at the hotel for more than 10 years. Over the years she became close friends with staff, moved in furniture 5 Star Airbnbfrom her former Florida home, and even created a community 5 Star Airbnb feel for her many neighbors. The biggest difference between an extended stay hotel and other hotels is 5 Star Airbnb the price, what guests are billed for, and the different lifestyle often associated with each property type. The average price for one night in a standard hotel room is higher than the 5 Star Airbnb average price of one night in an extended stay hotel room — if you stay there long enough. For example, the average cost of a regular, short-term hotel room in Los Angeles is $216 for a weekend night and $194 for a weeknight. If a guest stays for one week, they can expect to pay $1,402. But a two-star extended 5 Star Airbnb stay hotel in the same city only costs $714, 5 Star Airbnb offering lodgers 50% savings on their visit. Guests at most extended 5 Star Airbnb stay hotels can also expect to get amenities such as WiFi and major utilities included in their nightly rate whereas other hotels sometimes charge fees 5 Star Airbnb for premium options like faster internet and movie rentals. For mid-range options, you’ll also see differences such as5 Star Airbnb coin-operated laundry facilities at extended stay hotels versus professional onsite laundering services at other hotels. Plus, hotels 5 Star Airbnb typically offer additional lounge spaces, bars, restaurants, stores, and concierge services while this is not the norm at the average extended stay hotel. They may also offer parking spaces, dog parks, and a grocery or liquor store on site. Luxury extended stay hotels may also include lounges, movie theaters, security patrol, and 24/7 guest services. You may have the option to stay even longer if your room or other suites are available after your initial booking date. Smaller, family-owned hotels may be willing to work with you on your check-out date as long as you give them as much 5 Star Airbnb notice as possible. For extended stay hotels in popular areas during peak travel seasons, staying past your initial booking date is 5 Star Airbnb unlikely. Most extended stay hotel rooms are meant for a maximum of four occupants. Guests will have to share how many people are staying with them when they book. There may be a 5 Star Airbnb fee for additional occupants, however, children are usually free. Like short-term hotels, they also usually offer discounted rates for seniors, military, and Triple-A members. 5 Star Airbnb Extended stay hotels attract a wide range of guests. Their price points, amenities, and designs are often marketed towards specific groups, the same way hotels are. Simple, 5 Star Airbnbno-frills properties maintain the lowest possible rates in order to offer customers a roof over their head where they don’t have to worry 5 Star Airbnbabout utilities, furniture, or other essential amenities. On the other end of the spectrum, high-end properties with all the bells5 Star Airbnb and whistles are an experience all their own. They provide luxury lifestyles for business and pleasure travelers alike and offer competitive rates 5 Star Airbnb. The average extended stay hotel occupant at a mid-range property5 Star Airbnb travels for work and needs the convenience of home without the commitment of a second mortgage or lease. They are often attracted to the option to cook in their own private kitchen and hotel-related perks. Business guests who are visiting 5 Star Airbnb from elsewhere are often given per diem or stipend pay for lodging, transport, and/or food. You may also find couples on long retreats, retirees, and families with small children. Extended stay hotels really do attract people from all walks of life.Start with sites like Kayak, Expedia or to get an overview of hotels in your desired area, but don’t rely on them to give you the full picture. Go on to research those hotels on your own. Search for promotion 5 Star Airbnb codes and perks such as free parking, breakfast or WiFi. And 5 Star Airbnb don’t neglect a hotel’s own website. Some 5 Star Airbnb chains promise the best rate when you book via their site. Once you know the lay of the land, select a 5 Star Airbnb few favorites and pick up the phone. Tell the hotel the price you found via other sites and see if they can beat it. Apps like HotelTonight and One:Night specialize in helping last-minute travelers get cheap hotel rooms. 5 Star Airbnb Sites such as and Hotwire also list deals for just a day or two in advance. Last-minute bookings don’t work in every circumstance, though. Traveling for a crowded conference or holiday 5 Star Airbnb can lead to a spike in demand — and price.Finding a hotel isn’t your only lodging option. You can rent a room, apartment or entire house via sites like Airbnb and HomeAway 5 Star Airbnb. Hostels are a great option for budget travelers, especially those venturing outside of 5 Star Airbnb the U.S. Don’t worry — you don’t need to share a dorm-style room with a mass of 19-year-olds (unless you want to). Most hostels offer a handful of private rooms with en suite bathrooms.Cheap hotels in Japan are often equated with business hotels,5 Star Airbnb which are known for their reasonable prices, excellent access, and good service. Many visitors to Tokyo will look for the cheapest hotels that have minimal options, to save their budget for food and sightseeing. 5 Star Airbnb Even though weekends and holidays may cause spiking prices, booking your hotel in Japan at the right time will 5 Star Airbnbresult in big discounts and unbelievably low prices, even right in the heart of Tokyo. To make5 Star Airbnb navigating Japan’s business hotels easier, we have compiled the 5 Star Airbnb major chains that can be found all across the country and listed their features, pros, and prices. From cozy roadside inns with basic cable and morning coffee to massive all-inclusive vacation resorts in the world’s most luxurious destinations,5 Star Airbnb there are dozens upon dozens of different types of hotels located throughout the world. While some of these properties5 Star Airbnb have many similarities — for example, an all-inclusive resort may also be classified as an 5 Star Airbnbextended stay property — there are also some that couldn't be more different (i.e. casino hotels vs. hostels). Confused? Don't be. In this post, we break down 21 of the most popular types of hotels and explore the similarities and differences of each.5 Star Airbnb Whether you’re a traveler looking for a low-priced economy room or an aspiring hotelier looking to take a deeper dive into your options, the wide world of hotels has something for everyone.The most common hotel type5 Star Airbnb on this list, chain hotels make up tens of thousands of properties located throughout 5 Star Airbnb the world. Chain hotels typically fall under a group of hotels operated by a company or owner. Hilton, for example, has a portfolio made up 5 Star Airbnbof over a dozen "separate" brands, including DoubleTree, Embassy Suites, Hampton, Homewood Suites, and Home2 Suites. Another example is Marriott, which boasts brands such as The Ritz-Carlton, Sheraton, Westin, Gaylord, 5 Star AirbnbCourtyard, and SpringHill Suites. The term “motel” evolved in the 1920s, 5 Star Airbnb long after the term hotel, and is a blend of the words “motor” and “hotel.” Motels started cropping up to cater to travelers as an affordable, accessible place to stop overnight during long trips. Thevy're 5 Star Airbnb typically located along highways and other major roadways, and offer minimal amenities, if5 Star Airbnb any. Motels usually 5 Star Airbnb have a different layout than standard hotels as well, with rooms being accessible from the exterior. Additionally, motels are 5 Star Airbnb typically one to two stories high, while hotels can be much larger. Motel 6, Super 8, and Econo Lodge are some of the most well-known motel chains, though motels can be independently operated also 5 Star Airbnb . A resort is usually a destination5 Star Airbnb that attempts to provide travelers with everything they need in one location: Accommodations, dining, 5 Star Airbnb drinks, shopping, and entertainment. Often located in popular vacation destinations, some resorts are all-inclusive, allowing travelers to pay one price for unlimited 5 Star Airbnbservice. The Hyatt Ziva Cancun, for example, is an all-inclusive resort catering to Cancun vacationers, providing them with lavish services and an uninterrupted view of the Caribbean 5 Star Airbnb. An inn is usually much smaller 5 Star Airbnb than a standard or chain hotel. Often individually or family-owned, inns tend to offer a cozy, homey feel for their guests.5 Star Airbnb Typically offering fewer in-room amenities than a larger hotel chain, you 5 Star Airbnb may find in-room coffee, Wi-Fi, or small breakfast options available at an inn. Many inns offer unique styles or decorations from room 5 Star Airbnb to room, providing guests with a unique experience. Some inns, like the Ponte Winery and Vineyard 5 Star Airbnb Inn in Temecula, California, have a vineyard on-property and specialize in wedding services as well. Hotels 5 Star Airbnb in which all of the guest rooms are suites are commonly referred to as all-suite hotels.5 Star Airbnb These hotels typically have “suites” in the name, making them easier for travelers to identify. All-suite properties 5 Star Airbnb usually offer each guest a bedroom, separate living area, and a kitchen area or cooking accessories.5 Star Airbnb Many large hotel companies have an all-suites brand or 5 Star Airbnb two under their umbrella, such as Comfort Suites by Choice Hotels, Embassy Suites by Hilton, or Staybridge Suites by IHG. Conference or convention 5 Star Airbnb center hotels are characterized by their combination of guest rooms and meeting space. These properties are designed to host large events 5 Star Airbnb and provide a wide variety of event options to accommodate different setups, entertainment opportunities5 Star Airbnb , A/V equipment, and breakout needs. These types of hotels specialize in 5 Star Airbnb accommodating everything needed at a conference: The event location, overnight rooms, food and 5 Star Airbnb beverage services, and transportation. They typically hold thousands of feet of flexible event space and are frequently found in larger cities or popular business destinations. While many 5 Star Airbnb lodging options cater to overnight or short-term stays, some properties specialize in accommodating travelers looking for an extended stay. This type5 Star Airbnb of hotel is called an extended stay hotel, and it's popular among business travelers and other5 Star Airbnb individuals staying in one location for multiple days, weeks, or longer 5 Star Airbnb . Most 5 Star Airbnb extended stay properties provide guests additional amenities to make it feel more like home, such as a fully-equipped kitchen. 5 Star Airbnb Extended Stay America offers studio rooms at many locations, as well as daily, weekly, and nightly rates to accommodate a variety of 5 Star Airbnb budgets. Boutique hotels are typically much smaller than the average chain hotel.5 Star Airbnb Usually made up of 100 guest rooms or fewer, you can expect to find boutique hotels in exciting locations or near popular destinations, such as an urban city center or hip shopping district. Boutique hotels can be independently operated, or part of a chain, but they tend to cater to a specific 5 Star Airbnb audience, offer a unique style, and provide thoughtful services.“There are an infinite number of recipes, but the key 5 Star Airbnb ingredients I see in a boutique hotel are individuality and a great 5 Star Airbnb emotional impact," Shlomo Gabbai — the director of the annual Boutique Hotel Awards, which recognize the best-of-the-best in boutique hotels — told Business Insider 5 Star Airbnb . Basic 5 Star Airbnb accommodations sporting bunk beds, or a barracks-like building style, are commonly referred to as bunkhouses. Originally, bunkhouses were used to house field-hands, 5 Star Airbnb ranchers, working cowboys, and other migratory workers. However, 5 Star Airbnb bunkhouses have evolved over the years, and now, many hotels offer modern versions used to accommodate 5 Star Airbnb large groups. The Atticus Hotel in Mcminnville, Oregon, for example, boasts a luxury bunkhouse that 5 Star Airbnb travelers can enjoy while soaking in all Oregon has to offer. "With a wall of luxury bunks, cubbies for six and a bathroom artfully5 Star Airbnb designed for a crowd, 5 Star Airbnb our Luxury Bunkhouse is equipped for late nights of laughter with good friends," reads the hotel's website. Typically smaller, privately-owned properties, the bed and breakfast is a favorite 5 Star Airbnb accommodation among travelers looking to experience the intricacies of a destination. Known for providing a bed, as well as food services 5 Star Airbnb (most commonly breakfast), many “BnBs” are operated by live-in innkeepers. The owners often live somewhere on-property or nearby, 5 Star Airbnb operate the property themselves, and may even prepare meals for travelers. An eco hotel — also commonly 5 Star Airbnb referred to as a green hotel or sustainable hotel — is a type of hotel that puts a lot of focus on operating in an 5 Star Airbnb environmentally-friendly and sustainable manner. Eco-friendly hotels promote green initiatives, such as utilizing solar power and reducing waste, and make it a priority to reduce their environmental impact. Casino hotels 5 Star Airbnb are located in — you guessed it — casinos! They typically offer overnight guest rooms, access to an in-house casino, and often include a 5 Star Airbnb variety of restaurants, bars, activities, and shopping options for guests. Stylish and trendy, pop-up hotels are temporary lodging 5 Star Airbnboptions that “pop up” for a short period of time. Pop-up hotels are appealing to travelers seeking new experiences, or 5 Star Airbnb those who want to enjoy “untouched” locations.5 Star Airbnb The exclusivity of5 Star Airbnb these types of hotels makes them appealing to many trend-setters and social media influencers. Just take Taco Bell’s wildly successful pop-up hotel5 Star Airbnb as an example. Pet-friendly 5 Star Airbnbproperties allow guests to bring their pets with them when they travel. Some of these properties charge a pet fee, while others allow complimentary5 Star Airbnb pet stays. Weight limits, breed restrictions, or the number of animals a traveler may check-in 5 Star Airbnbwith can vary from property to property.5 Star Airbnb Websites like allow travelers to search for pet-friendly properties. Roadhouse is a term that was commonly used to refer to motels or small lodging options along the highway. It was also a popular 5 Star Airbnbterm in Britain used to describe roadside pubs that included lodging options. While the term can5 Star Airbnb still be found on advertising at some hotels and venues, it’s more 5 Star Airbnb commonly associated with restaurants now. Perfect for foodies, gastro hotels are focused on providing 5 Star Airbnb travelers overnight accomodations coupled with fantastic food. Gastro hotels are usually on the smaller side with 5 Star Airbnb fewer than 50 rooms. For example, The Cookbook Gastro Boutique Hotel & Spa has only 17 rooms and takes special care 5 Star Airbnb creating culinary delights for guests who choose to book with them 5 Star Airbnb. Micro hotels are exactly 5 Star Airbnbwhat they sound like: Small hotels. Designed for people who need a place to sleep and not much else, the presence of micro hotels is growing. Hilton recently entered the micro hotel space with the creation of its Motto brand, which features city-centric properties that supply "travel-sized rooms for all-sized trips." Transit hotels, also called airport hotels, appeal to travelers with a flight to catch5 Star Airbnb. Transit hotels are located inside of an airport, typically close to a terminal and within a security checkpoint. 5 Star AirbnbPassengers facing long flights, or international flights, are able to check in and get some rest at transit hotels in between trips or during lengthy layovers. Travelers looking to soak up local culture or explore the history of an area may choose to stay at a heritage hotel. These types of hotels are typically located in historically-significant areas or have a direct connection to5 Star Airbnb major events that shaped the local culture. Due to the age of many of the original structures, some heritage hotels are remodeled versions of old castles or temples. A term you may associate with backpacking across Europe, or similar travel styles, hostels are lodging options that appeal to travelers on a budget. Most hostels provide dorm-style sleeping arrangements and target a specific type of traveler, such as students and short-term younger travelers. An exciting, fun, and unique type of hotel, concept hotels allow travelers 5 Star Airbnbto fully immerse themselves in one-of-a-kind experiences. Concept hotels include ice hotels, underwater hotels, and just about any other unique property you can think of 5 Star Airbnb. Not only does it affirm the hotel’s values, but it also demonstrates how seriously they take their natural and artisanal products. Plus, it places value in people with brand storytelling, which humanises the brand and encourages readers to identify with them 5 Star Airbnb. 5 Star Airbnb , large or small, includes a variety of employment opportunities. 5 Star AirbnbA smooth-operating hotel needs workers in departments with diverse responsibilities dependent on one another. 5 Star Airbnb A general manager is responsible for a large number of tasks. You will be required to prepare a yearly budget and submit it to the hotel owner, corporate office or possibly a district manager. 5 Star Airbnb All employee terminations and new hires will be your responsibility. 5 Star Airbnb Hotel room rates fluctuate consistently, and as the general manger of the hotel, it will be your responsibility to decide the best rate for any given day, night, weekend or special event.5 Star Airbnb You will also have the authority to set hotel service standards as well as choose extra services or amenities 5 Star Airbnb to make the hotel more appealing to travelers. The front desk staff will take reservations by phone, cancel reservations, check in guests, check guests out, and keep the front desk area and lobby clean and presentable. As a front desk agent, you may be required to help in other areas of the hotel, such as housekeeping, during busy seasons or if staff is short-handed. You will be responsible for large amounts of money, authorizing guest refunds, and taking care of any guest complaints or room issues. The front desk supervisor also will work the front desk and may be responsible for scheduling the work days and hours for the other front desk staff. Housekeepers are responsible for the cleanliness of all rooms in such a way that a guest would not realize someone had just checked out of the room earlier that same morning. You will also strip every linen off each bed and make each bed according to the hotel standards. The guest rooms are meticulously cleaned and sanitized before a guest arrives. Smaller hotels may require the housekeepers to do the laundry, which will require you to wash, dry and fold all linens, including sheets, pillowcases, comforters and blankets. As a laundry person, you would be required to also remove stains that may be in any linens, when possible. Many hotels offer a complimentary breakfast bar. As the host or hostess you will be responsible to keep the bar stocked at all times, clean up any messes, brew coffee, wash dishes, break down the breakfast bar and wash the breakfast dishes. If the hotel has a hot bar, you or another person will be responsible for cooking items such as eggs or waffles, and keeping a steady flow of the items to the breakfast bar. The cook will also help break down the bar and clean up the work area before the shift for the day is over. A hotel maintenance person will ensure that just about everything in the hotel is in proper working order. Daily tasks may include changing light bulbs, removing waste and painting. Other tasks will be assigned as needed, including fixing or replacing toilets, piping, room appliances and vacuums. Many hotels have an indoor pool, and you must ensure that the water pumps and chemical pumps are working correctly. Also, you will need to be familiar with heating and air conditioning units, electrical wiring and plumbing, and how to troubleshoot, fix or replace these items. Larger hotels may have more positions, such as loss prevention officer, 5 Star Airbnb security guards, bell boys, concierge and shuttle drivers. 5 Star Airbnb Many hotels may also offer a shuttle service if they are close to an airport, amusement park or other guest attraction. In smaller hotels that do not offer an on-site or on-call concierge, the front desk staff usually tries to assist in finding exactly what the guest is looking for. When selecting the best hotel for a vacation, most people will assess the size of the rooms, hotel amenities, location and reviews. An important factor that is usually overlooked unless it is unsatisfactory 5 Star Airbnb is the work of the housekeeping staff. These hardworking individuals ensure that messy rooms are miraculously spotless at the end of the day. Hotel housekeeping is a difficult and demanding job that requires much more than might be expected. The job of a hotel housekeeper is to keep an assigned number of rooms clean. This includes a variety of services 5 Star Airbnb depending on the room's occupants. For a standard occupied room, this will involve basic cleaning duties. For a room where the occupants have just checked out, the job is more difficult and involves turning over nearly everything in the room. A check-out room must be so neat and clean that the new occupants cannot tell that another family may have vacated the room only a few hours earlier. Some occupants who are in the hotel room when the housekeeper arrives or 5 Star Airbnb are perhaps ill and spending the day in bed may prefer service known as trash and towels. This is exactly how it sounds. The housekeeper will provide fresh clean towels and toiletries and remove the trash, but otherwise 5 Star Airbnb leave the room alone. If a guest leaves a later service sign on the door, the room must be revisited, perhaps several times throughout the day until 5 Star Airbnbthe sign is removed. However, some guests forget to remove this sign entirely. Depending on the hotel this may mean that they will not receive any service, or it may mean they receive a phone call offering later service. Some locations will even leave a set of clean towels and toiletries outside the door. One last consideration is rooms that have been vacant for several days. Though they have already been cleaned and turned over, these rooms must be revisited so the housekeeper can sweep and dust, ensuring that the room doesn't look dusty and abandoned when new guests arrive. The specific duties of a housekeeper may vary from one hotel to the next, but usually include several 5 Star Airbnb standard jobs. The first is making the beds. A good housekeeper should be able to make each bed in about a minute. Unless there are very obvious stains, the sheets and pillowcases are rarely changed daily. The average amount of time for sheets to be left unchanged is three days. However, this also varies from one hotel to the next. 5 Star Airbnb In very expensive locations the sheets are changed daily. The number of sheets and pillows on the bed can also vary. While a standard hotel bed has a bottom sheet, top sheet, blanket and comforter, nicer hotels will have a sheet both beneath and on top of the blanket. Some less-expensive hotels may not have a blanket at all. Hotel beds are typically made with the comforter 5 Star Airbnb covering the entire bed and are almost always made this way when guests first check in. However, during a guest's stay, the comforter may only 5 Star Airbnb be folded neatly at the bottom of the bed. Next, the housekeeper must refresh any amenities in the room, such as coffee. End tables and desks may be straightened, but the guest's items are generally left as they are. Small touches such as closing the doors of a television cabinet can give a room a finished look very quickly. If there is a porch or balcony, this should be swept and any ashtrays need to be emptied. Lastly, the trashcans in the rooms will be emptied, and the carpets swept. Moving on to the bathroom, the housekeeper will wipe down the tub, toilet, sink and counter. Towels will be changed and amenities will be refreshed. In a check-out room, the bathroom is cleaned more thoroughly with a variety of cleaning agents, usually including bleach. Small touches are important here, such as carefully folding the towels. Each hotel has its own preferred method for folding and placing the towels. The toilet paper must be folded to a neat point as well. In some hotels, the tip of the toilet paper is even pressed with a stamp featuring the hotel's logo or 5 Star Airbnb name. Most housekeepers work a typical eight-hour day. However, this day is usually filled with nonstop activity.5 Star Airbnb Most hotels give each housekeeper between 15 and 20 rooms each day. An occupied room should take no more than 15 minutes to complete and a check out should take no more than half an hour. This is often a difficult schedule to keep considering the state of some rooms. In hotels with large suites, a housekeeper may be given around 10 suites to complete each day. Suites often take much longer because of the additional amenities. Stoves, counters and refrigerators need to be cleaned. If a dishwasher is present, the housekeeper will often be required to load and unload any dishes. In a suite there are also usually several bedrooms and bathrooms, all requiring attention. Housekeepers must always stay conscious of the time of day. The typical hotel check-out time is 11 a.m. Vacated rooms need to be cleaned as soon as possible to be ready for the usual 3 p.m. check-in time. Most housekeepers have a set area in the hotel for which they are responsible. This means that they are not assigned an equal number of occupied rooms and check-outs each day. Some days can be very easy, with all rooms occupied. However, some days--especially weekends--can be extremely difficult when nearly every room is a check-out. 5 Star Airbnb Though the typical housekeeper is responsible for a number of hotel rooms, there are many other important roles in the housekeeping team at most hotels. In large hotels, there is usually a houseperson for each floor or section. This person is responsible for emptying the dirty linens and trash in housekeepers'5 Star Airbnb carts and refilling their towels and amenities when needed. In some locations it is not possible for each housekeeper to empty and his 5 Star Airbnb cart throughout the day, so the houseperson is essential and makes his rounds continually, at least once an hour. The houseperson is also responsible 5 Star Airbnbfor vacuuming hallways, dusting banisters and woodwork and 5 Star Airbnbcleaning any common areas on the floor. Another 5 Star Airbnb member of the housekeeping staff is usually assigned to the lobby area. In large hotels this can include the check-in area, pool, fitness center, childcare center, laundry facility and a variety 5 Star Airbnb of other areas. Lobby housekeepers usually make their rounds through 5 Star Airbnb these areas several times throughout the day. If a guest calls for special amenities such as a microwave or crib, or other items that are not typically left in the room such a toothbrush,5 Star Airbnb , sewing kit or matches, these are often provided by another hardworking member of the housekeeping staff, sometimes called a runner. Hotels with minibars and turn-down service usually leave these specific tasks to separate members of the staff as well. When staying in any hotel, it is considered polite to tip the housekeeper.5 Star Airbnb If you decline service for most or all of your stay your tip can be significantly less, but you should still keep in mind that 5 Star Airbnb the housekeeper prepared the room before you arrived, and will need to turn it over after you leave 5 Star Airbnb . For guests who receive service every day, a typical tip is two or three dollars per day. You can leave this tip daily or in a lump sum when you check out. The tip should be in bills, not change. For the housekeeper to be sure that the tip is intended for them, it should be left in 5 Star Airbnb a conspicuous place such as on the pillow. You may also want to leave a note with it. If you are only leaving a tip when you check out it can be left most anywhere and the housekeeper will assume that it is intended for them. Either method will work, but 5 Star Airbnb leaving a small tip daily will often let the housekeeper know that you are a considerate guest and may earn a few special touches. The duties of a hotel housekeeper are probably the most important duties that take place in a hotel on a daily basis. 5 Star Airbnb If the housekeeper has not done her job to expectations, the hotel could lose business. 5 Star Airbnb Hotel guests expect their rooms to be cleaned with the utmost accuracy and attention to detail. The cleanliness of a hotel is the key selling factor. At the beginning of each workday, a hotel housekeeper 5 Star Airbnb will refill her wheeled cart with fresh bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, fitted sheets, flat sheets, pillow cases and any other linens required in each room. She will also refill her cleaning supplies as well as her stock of coffee and other amenities that are often left in guest rooms. The first part to cleaning a vacant hotel guest room 5 Star Airbnb is stripping the room, which consists of pulling all the blankets, linens and pillows off of all the beds in the room in which the housekeeper is5 Star Airbnb currently working. 5 Star Airbnb She will also take all the used towels, wash cloths and other bathing linens out of the bathroom. She will then have to ensure that these used linens get to the laundry to be properly washed for reuse. Every hotel room has at least one garbage can in the room. The housekeeper will have to empty the garbage can(s) in the room and replace the can liners with fresh, unused liners. Before emptying 5 Star Airbnb the room trash, the housekeeper will generally clean up any garbage lying around the room, such as tissues, candy wrappers or other trash items the guest may have left in the room 5 Star Airbnb . Each 5 Star Airbnb hotel will have a specific style and way to make the beds in the room. This style may be different between bed sizes. 5 Star AirbnbThe housekeeper will make each bed in the room according to the style mandated by the hotel. A fresh set of bed sheets and pillowcases is used to make the bed for the next occupant.The guest room bathroom gets some much-deserved attention. After each guest checks out of the room, the housekeeper will thoroughly clean the 5 Star Airbnb toilet, sink, bathing area and floor of the bathroom with industrial cleaner. The guest bathroom is particularly important as this is the area often filled 5 Star Airbnb with germs. There should not be a single inch left untouched in the bathroom, including the walls.The room itself will receive a complete dusting from the furniture to the lamp shades. Each item--including lamps, TV, phone and alarm clock among others--is checked to be sure it is in proper working order. Amenities such as soap, shampoo and coffee are 5 Star Airbnb restocked throughout the room. After the housekeeper completes all of the above, she will then vacuum the room. Many hotels will use 5 Star Airbnb air freshener before informing the front desk staff that the room is clean and available for the next guest. In most hotels, nighttime is the least busy part of the day. In busy hotels, there will always be guests who require the help of hotel staff at all hours, and night porters are employed to be on hand to deal with guest requests. Night porters have other responsibilities involved with the smooth running of the hotel 5 Star Airbnb . Security The night porter is responsible for the security of 5 Star Airbnb the hotel throughout the night, usually between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. The night porter is responsible for covering the reception area and knows which rooms are occupied and which are not from a copy of the guest list handed over by the receptionist going off duty. Night porters often make regular rounds of the premises and must keep a log of anything suspicious they 5 Star Airbnb notice during the shift. The log is handed to the duty manager who comes on duty as the night shift ends 5 Star Airbnb. Reception Area All guest needs 5 Star Airbnb that normally would be met by reception staff are met by the night porter during the night shift. This might mean answering requests for information or even calling for taxis for guests who plan to go out. If the hotel provides tea and coffee 24 hours a day in public areas, the night porter is responsible for keeping those facilities stocked, clean and tidy. 5 Star Airbnb The reception area and all other public areas must be kept tidy and clean, ready for the morning shift, and this is also the responsibility of the night porter. Any late-returning guests are met by the 5 Star Airbnb night porter, who also handles any late-night check-ins 5 Star Airbnb. Morning Preparation When guests have requested 5 Star Airbnb morning newspapers, the night porter orders them based on information found on the guest list. If the hotel provides a breakfast buffet, the night porter ensures the buffet area is tidy and clean and prepared for the breakfast service. If any guests require an early breakfast before the normal breakfast service, 5 Star Airbnb the night porter will serve those guests. If packages or messages 5 Star Airbnb arrive at the hotel during the night, the night porter is responsible for delivering them to guest rooms in the morning or informing guests of their arrival 5 Star Airbnb . A 5 Star Airbnb hotel houseman is in charge of keeping the hotel clean and in order. It's an important role because presenting a spotless and inviting hotel to guests makes them feel comfortable and likely to return. Hotel houseman positions are busy and active with a majority of time spent on their feet. 5 Star Airbnb Expect to need a high school diploma or equivalent, and perhaps some cleaning experience, when applying for a hotel houseman position..
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